900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases – 2021

The 900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases list will provide the latest releases from Global. This company has quite a few good bowling balls that bowlers have raved about. So, I want to start a list on some of the products that were released last year, to help people asking me about the availability of these bowling balls. This list contains the most popular products released in 2021.

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900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases

900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases

900 Global Honey Badger Yellow Poly-Released-9/17/21-FREE SHIPPING

900 Global Honey Badger Yellow Poly SpecsImage
Perfect scale 5.0
RG —-/ Differential —-
Finish – Polished – 3500 Grit Polished
Conditions – Dry
Ball Motion – —-
Coverstock – Polyester/Polyester
Core –  Symmetric – Centroid
Performance – Polyester[0]
Warranty – 2 year
Release Date – 9/17/2021
900 Global Bowling Ball New Releases Image Of The Global Honey Badger Bowling Ball
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900 Global Burner Pearl – Released – 7/2/21 – FREE SHIPPING

900 Global Burner Pearl SpecsImage
Perfect scale 187.2
RG 2.53/ Differential 0.037
Finish – Polished – 1500 Grit Polished
Conditions – Medium-Dry
Ball Motion – Reliable
Coverstock – Pearl Reactive/S62 Pearl
Core –  Symmetric – Centroid
Performance – Performance[4]
Warranty – 2 year
Release Date – 7/2/2021
900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases Image Of Global Burner Pearl Bowling Ball
Current Price

With the Burner by 900 Global, the pins will feel the heat!

The S62 coverstocks, available in pearl or solid, are used in the 900 Global Burner series. The S62 pearl reactive coverstock in the Burner Pearl, finished at 1500 grit and polished, Is good for medium to dry oil conditions.

When you need to combat breakdown, the Centroid symmetric core on the inside provides a smooth, consistent, and reliable motion on the lanes. This is an excellent piece for bowlers who are ready to progress to reactive resin products or for more advanced bowlers who require something for tricky dry conditions.

900 Global Reality – Released 1/29/21 – FREE SHIPPING

900 Global Reality SpecsImage
Perfect scale 234.9
RG 2.49/ Differential 0.058
Finish – Matte – 2000 Abralon
Conditions – Medium-Heavy
Ball Motion – Strong Midlane Read & Continuation
Coverstock – Pearl Reactive/S84 Response Solid
Core –  Asymmetric -Disturbance
Mass Bias Diff – 0.018
Performance – Pro Performance[10]
Warranty – 2 year
Release Date – 1/29/2021
900 Gl Image Of Global Reality Bowling Ball
Current Price

The Reality is the newest addition to the Tour 900 series, brought to you by 900 Global. This new coverstock formulation, wrapped in the S84 Response solid reactive coverstock and finished at 2000 grit Abralon, allows for up to 20% larger pores in the surface, resulting in improved traction in heavy conditions.

The Disturbance asymmetric core’s unique shape on the inside will provide a strong midlane read and controllable backend reaction.

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