HometechniquesA lighter Bowling Ball May Help You


A lighter Bowling Ball May Help You — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Hailey,
    Well, the theory always was that the heavier ball will hit the pins with more force because of it’s weight alone compared to the lighter ball. But, speed is a factor as well. So, if the 16lb ball is too heavy for you, then you will roll it more slowly and it will have less impact force. I use a 14lb ball and I can handle throwing it much harder, than a 16lb ball. The speed increase creates a harder hit than a slow rolling 14lb ball.Therefore, I can generate pretty good pin carry with a faster ball speed and lighter ball. Hope that helps! Thanks for taking the time to comment! I appreciated it!

  2. I am doing a research project to do the science fair the question is
    does the weight of the ball effect how many pins fall down and my hypothesis is that the lighter ball will work and this helps me plenty to support my hypothesis so thank you whoever made this

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