Two Handed Bowling Technique – Look Now – Two Greats In Action!

Two Handed Bowling Techniques - Jason Belmonte

The two handed bowling technique is seen today in almost every Pro tournament. We can’t hardly watch bowling on television without hearing the two handed bowling technique being discussed or seeing it highlighted. The Two Handed Bowling Technique Demonstrated There are two people presently who dominate the sport of bowling using the two handed bowling … Read more

Hip Injury Pain From Bowling – Get Relief Now

Hip Injury Pain is aggravated by our age. The entire body weight is supported at the hip which is why it is prone to hip injury pain. It is one of the largest joints in the body and we tend to place a large amount of weight on our hips. As we get older this … Read more

Health Related Issues In Bowling – Try This Now!

Cartoon of Doctor taking Blood Pressure

Health related issues in bowling are more common than you think. I often wondered what I could offer to help others with health issues in bowling. If I could share my experiences, then I might help others to bowl more comfortably. I suffer from arthritis, so I have to bowl differently than most people. I … Read more

The Dreaded Ten Pin in Bowling – Do This Now

The Dreaded Ten Pin in Bowling

 The Dreaded Ten Pin In Bowling. How often has this happened to you? You thought you had a strike, only to end up staring at one remaining pin. The dreaded ten pin.. You go through you steps, your backswing feels good, you follow through, and the bowling ball feels good as it leaves you hand. … Read more

A Benchmark Bowling Ball – Get More Strikes Now!

A Benchmark Bowling ball

A benchmark bowling ball is defined by striking power and controllable hook. The Motiv Forza uses some very new and different technology. A new Torx block design is engineered to deliver a smooth and powerful line on medium oil. With 2.50 RG and .051 differential on weight of 15 lb. ball, this block will deliver … Read more