Hammer Bowling Balls [New Releases]

The Latest Hammer Bowling Balls New Releases  – 2020 Check out the Hammer Bowling Balls New Releases and see which one grabs your attention, then have it shipped FREE. Hammer Web Tour Edition Hybrid – 9/3/20 Your Price $144.95 FREE SHIPPING the new Web Tour Edition Hybrid features the TourV1 Hybrid reactive coverstock finished at … Read more

Death of The Triangle Layout

image of The Triangle Layout On a Bowling Ball

From the moment I heard of the Triangle Layout for drilling bowling balls, I loved the idea! It basically gave you 6 ball layouts in one ball! Now that is some incredible thinking right there! How can you not like that concept? It sure sounded like a winner to me. So, whats the catch? Well, … Read more

How to Buy a Bowling Ball Made Easy

Display of Bowling Balls for How to Buy a Bowling Ball

 How to buy a bowling ball is not easy, so I created an easy a buying guide. I have wanted to do this for awhile now and finally got around to it. Maybe you need help with a first ball purchase or you are thinking about replacing one you already bought. Even if you are … Read more

Bowling Hand Release Techniques

How to increase bowling ball rev rate by USBC

Bowling hand release techniques are as important in today’s game as ever. Everybody wants to get the highest amount of revs on their ball as possible. It is fun and flashy to watch, but does it really help to get higher scores? All you need to do is watch the two-handed bowlers. A consistent bowler, … Read more

Shoulder Injuries From Bowling Too Much

Image of man with his hand grabbing his red irritated Shoulder for Shoulder Injuries From Bowling Too Much

 Shoulder injuries from bowling become more frequent as we get older.  Bowlers feel that nagging little pain and all to often continue to bowl. They ignore the warning signs and go beyond the point when they should rest and let the shoulder heal. The arm tendons that form the rotor cuff in the upper arm … Read more

Bowling Tournament Preparation: Some Helpful Tips

USBC Open Logo - Bowling Tournament Preparation

You have made the decision to bowl in a tournament and now you need some good ideas for bowling tournament preparation. When you bowl in leagues at your local alley, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts mentioning tournaments.You hear the great stories people have to tell and you are chomping at the … Read more