Why Bowling Balls Crack?

Why bowling balls crack frequently between the fingers. Often you hear people say, that their reasoning is because one thing or another happened. It is odd that the most common spot is between or around one of the finger holes. I wanted to you what I found out about why bowling balls crack. Well, the … Read more

Dry Lane Bowling

Dry lane bowling, or bowling on dry lane conditions when you don’t have the fresh oil pattern. What happens when the conditions are different, and the lanes have been bowled on, and you are faced with dry lane bowling? You stand where you normally do and the ball travels down the lane and turns hard … Read more

The Release In Hook Ball Bowling

How to increase bowling ball rev rate by USBC

The release in hook ball bowling is the most critical part for accuracy of the ball. To score well in bowling, you need a consistent release, throw after throw. When you have the thumb in the bowling ball, you need to release it cleanly on the downswing and keep it pointing straight up when you … Read more

Storm Rocket Commentary

The Storm Rocket commentary came about because its seems to be the best hook bowling ball these days.  I like Roto Grip, but this Storm Rocket  has people loving the smooth roll that this ball has. Storm Rocket Commentary This is the latest edition to the thunder series, the R2S hybrid coverstock combined with a … Read more

Bowling Ball Cleaning Tips

Bowling ball cleaning tips may be old news for experienced bowlers. But for less experienced bowlers, you might wonder why your bowling ball isn’t working like it did when it was new. Bowling balls seem to lose some hooking power, or don’t carry pins as well anymore. This happens because the ball has some oil build-up. … Read more

Ways to Get More Hook in Your Game

Ways to get more hook in your game is on the mind of every hook bowler. I have some interesting tips, as well as products I have used for ways to achieve higher scores, in real life bowling, on house shots, and in a few tournaments. In this article I am sharing a few of … Read more