The Bowling Ball Rejuvenator is a “must have” tool for everyone who owns his own bowling ball. It is even more important for the newer high tech bowling balls. Out of the box, they carry many more pins and help to greatly improve your scores. But, then after a few dozen games, they don’t seem to work as well. You clean your ball religiously after each use and you are convinced it is clean and free of oil. The reality is, the pores in the surface are clogged with oil. The easiest way to release this oil is with the NuBall Bowling Ball Rejuvenator.

The Easy Way to Deep Clean Your Ball

Simply place your ball inside and set the temperature you want. The heat does the rest. It sweats out the oil build-up from your bowling ball. Restores that new ball power!

Image of NuBall Bowling Ball Rejuvenator



If you dread the chore of cleaning your ball … You will love this product!

  • Temperature is controlled by thermostat
  • Durable plastic easy to clean
  • Keeps you ball performing well
  • Saves you the Pro Shop fees
  • Manufacturers Support
  • 2yr warranty and 30 day return policy.


NuBall Bowling Ball Rejuvenator


Removing Ball Oil Build-Up

In the video you can see that it is an easy machine to use. Bowlers who are bowling several leagues a week can relate to the importance of keeping a ball free of oil.

The only other choices you have are baking the ball in the oven or cleaning the ball in a hot water bath. Both methods clean your ball well, but they are a chore.

Bowling Ball Cleaning Tips explains both methods in detail.

Cleaning the NuBall Machine

All the parts are made of easy to clean plastic, so cleaning the machine is as easy as emptying the oil drip pan. It may require a more through cleaning after many months of use.

But, that is simply wiping the inside of the drip pan. The side ring removes easily and allows total access to the drip pan.

Using Commercial Cleaners

I also use commercial cleaners, as well as my own, depending on the situation. If I am storing balls in my locker, then I tend to cleaners like Monster Tac to give my ball some extra grip the next time I pull the ball out.

They contain extra compounds to dissolve and remove oil from the ball. If I am taking the ball home, or I just deep cleaned the ball, then I use my own cleaner.

You can also find out what I use in my Bowling Ball Cleaning Tips article.

The NuBall Bowling Ball Rejuvenator is Easy 

Cleaning your ball surface each and every time you bowl with liquid cleaners helps to keep you ball in great shape. However, some oil always remains. No matter how hard you try, oil always soaks into the deep pores of the ball surface.

The only way to get that oil out is by deep cleaning your ball in hot water, or the oven. Of course, you can also pay your pro shop to clean your ball for you. They also have a hot water bath and ultrasound to get the oil out. It does a decent job.

That will cost you $30 or $40 bucks each time. If you have 2 or 3 balls, this can add up quick. This is where the NuBall Bowling Ball Rejuvenator can pay for itself in no time. And it makes cleaning the ball a lot easier.


Bowling balls today are not cheap, so good maintenance is the key to having a ball last longer and keeping  their performance at its best. 

This would be one of the best investments you could make to get the longest life out of your bowling balls.




Bowling Ball Rejuvenator — 10 Comments

  1. NuBall Bowling ball Rejuvenator is an easy cleaning system to clean the ball. This blog describes about the ease of cleaning of the ball which catches oil on the surface and holes and shows impaired performance. Compared to paying for pro cleaning, using this machine pays itself over time if you have 3-4 balls.

    The video demonstration reflects how easy it is. to operate. The machine deep cleans the ball. Interim cleaning can done by wiping off with cloth.

    Nice and esy to read the blog. The audience will enjoy.

    • Hi Anusuya,

      This is really an easy system and make the ball cleaning chore much easier. Yes, you do understand. I have 3 balls I use three time a week. So, it is a chore!. But, if I put them in the Bowling Ball Rejuvenator, much easier to just walk away and put it back in my bag when it is done.

      It really doesn’t need any cleaning inside. The design lets the oil run into the drip pan, just empty it.

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed the article.


  2. Its like everything else.  In order to play the best you can in anything you need to maintain your equipment.  Equipment isn’t cheap no matter what sport you play so whey wouldn’t you want to. Of course your 3 time a year bowler isn’t going to own one of these.

    The fact of the matter is there are league players and professionals who bowl on a daily basis.  This would likely be something great for them.

    I did not see a price and also I was wondering if it works for both 10 and 5 pin balls.

    I will be watching for your answer.  Thank you.

    • Hi Dale,

      You are right! The NuBall Bowling Ball Rejuvenator is for the serious bowler who cleans his ball constantly. 

      The price is $189  I don’t know of any five pin balls, maybe you 5 pound and 10 pound balls? Yes, it would.

      I hope I answered your questions correctly? Please contact me for any further information.

      Great questions!



  3. This is great!  

    If I cleaned my ball with this:  how long can I go before I need another clean?

    Does the NuBall rejuvenator require much maintenance?  It mentioned something about the plastic – is it just a wipe down or do I have to detach and wash?

    Does the warranty cover parts replacements? (I’ve sometimes bought equipment where the thermostat conks out and it’s a bother to replace.  Sometimes, it meant having to buy the whole thing.)

    Thanks for the information.

    • HI Cath,

      It depends on how often you bowl. If you bowl everyday, you might clean your ball once or twice a week. If you bowl twice a week, maybe every two weeks? I personally clean mine every other time I bowl.

      As far as maintenance, you don’t really get any mess on the sides, just the drip pan collects oil in the bottom, You just empty it out, that’s it.

      They have a 2yr warranty on parts. You pay shipping to send it back, but they will return a new machine for free.

      My experience with most items is this. By the time you pay for the parts, and shipping. You may as well buy a new one. The classic gimmick.

      Thank for your great questions, Cath.


  4. Wowww. I never knew. I always thought those things merely polished the ball. Back in the day, when I was bowling in leagues, machines like that were the size of a refrigerator. Seriously. I didn’t know a bowling ball had treads.  Now that I know, perhaps I will take up the sport again. But I do have a question if you don’t mind. I watched the video but I wanted to know, does the ball spin using centrifugal force or what? I don’t get it. Is it the heat that extracts it?

    • HI Polly,

      Back in the day, they did have machines to polish the ball, and likely still do in some places. But, this helps to keep the dirt out of the “pores”,by removing the oil from the ball. I guess that is what you mean by “treads”? 

      By all means, get back into it!

      Great question! These machines warm the ball up and the oil just runs out into a drip pan on the bottom. no, there is no spinning motion. It would have to spin awful fast to remove oil by spinning, and with a weight block inside, it likely isn’t a good idea.

      Thanks for your great questions,


  5. I know a few avid bowlers, including my husband’s grandmother. I could see this being an awesome gift for them to really improve their game. I don’t bowl often myself, but it is a sport I wish I was better at. Suppose I need to practice more. Anyway, is this bowling ball rejuvenator the only thing of its kind? Or are their competitive products worth considering as well?

    • Hi Holley,

      This is an awesome gift. I hate the chore of cleaning my ball, and this makes it a set it and forget it type of task. You come back and the ball is done.

      They make other ones as well, but they all have pros and cons.

      This product for example, is slightly higher in price at $221.

      The Vertex Personal Bowling Ball Revivor

      I also saw some comments where this one does not have the removable side feature to give better access for ball placement and removal. And it does not have any temperature control.

      The Salmon Creek NuBall Rejuvinator is quite a bit cheaper at $189

      The side cover is removable, and it has a variable temperature control. I my opinion you get more bang for the buck with this one.

      Thanks for stopping by and asking such great questions!


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