The Roto Grip Wrecker Series

Roto Grip Wrecker Bowling Ball

A bowling ball that remains available for 4 or 5 years now is a rare breed. But this Roto Grip line has been around that long and all the balls are still available at the time of this writing. I have never used the wrecker, but I own the Wreck-It, and the Wreck-Em from the … Read more

Asymmetrical Vs Symmetrical Bowling Balls

  What is the difference in Asymmetrical vs Symmetrical bowling balls? If you have bought several bowling balls you have likely seen the terms used quite often. Have you ever wondered what the terms meant? We often see a cut-away view of the core in the sales description. The technical description indicates that the core of … Read more

A Benchmark Bowling Ball

A Benchmark Bowling ball

A Benchmark Bowling Ball: Motiv Forza A benchmark bowling ball is defined by striking power and controllable hook. The Motiv Forza uses some very new and different technology. A new Torx block design is engineered to deliver a smooth and powerful line on medium oil. With 2.50 RG and .051 differential on weight of 15 … Read more

Bad Intentions Commentary

Bad Intentions Bowling Ball   The Bad Intentions bowling ball by hammer implies a sinister awesome hooking bowling ball. It might  be the next ball I add to my bag. Update: I did add this ball to my bowling arsenal, and enjoyed it for several years. It was a ball I really liked and one of … Read more

Storm Rocket Commentary

The Storm Rocket commentary came about because its seems to be the best hook bowling ball these days.  I like Roto Grip, but this Storm Rocket  has people loving the smooth roll that this ball has. Storm Rocket Commentary This is the latest edition to the thunder series, the R2S hybrid coverstock combined with a … Read more