Storm Bowling Balls New Releases

The Latest Storm Bowling Balls New Releases – 2019 Storm Pro Motion – 7/26/2019 This ball comes with the SPEC coverstock taken from the Crux prime and wrapped around the Piston core. This ball was developed with collaboration between Storm and Jason Belmonte and is sounds like another winner. Combining the solid reactive coverstock with … Read more

Hammer Bowling Balls New Releases

The Latest Hammer Bowling Ball New Releases -2019   Hammer Web Pearl – Released 9/10/2019 Hammer Ruthless – Released 9/10/2019 Hammer Vibe Orange – Released 6/18/2019 Hammer Black Widow Pink – Released 4/9/2019 Hammer Statement Solid – Released 2/12/2019 Hammer Statement Pearl – Released 2/12/2019 Hammer Flawless Pearl – Released 1/15/19   Hammer Web Pearl … Read more

Asymmetrical vs Symmetrical Bowling Balls

What is the difference in Asymmetrical vs Symmetrical bowling balls? If you have bought several bowling balls you have likely seen the terms used quite often. Have you ever wondered what the terms meant?We often see cut-aways of the core in the sales description. The technical description indicates that the core of the ball is one … Read more