Can Senior Bowlers Increase Bowling Rev Rate [Easily]

Fingers In A Bowling Ball for Can Senior Bowlers Increase Bowling Rev Rates Easily

Can senior bowlers increase bowling rev rate easily? The short answer is yes, but it does require some practice work to do it. For all the bowlers who may not know, revs refers to the revolutions on the bowling ball. Some bowlers score without much turn on their ball at all, while others create 500 rpms … Read more

Cupping The Wrist in Bowling For More Hook

Cupping the wrist In Bowling-Cupped Wrist Of Rhino Page

Cupping the wrist in bowling is a way to increase your hook and deliver more power to the pins. If you have your ball drilled for fingertip grip, then you know the fingertip grip in itself produces more lift on the ball. And also cupping the wrist in bowling, you will increase the rotation even … Read more

Bowling Without a Thumb

Bowling Without A Thumb - Tom Daugherty

Bowling without a thumb is a way for bowlers to create a tremendous amount of revs on the bowling ball.Now the question is, which is better thumb or no thumb? Some bowlers say you need the thumb for accuracy.I personally, have unsuccessfully tried bowling without a thumb. I don’t have big hands, and that makes … Read more

Stroker, Tweener and Cranker Style Bowlers

Stroker, tweener and cranker style bowlers, three different types of bowling. No two bowlers are alike,and for that reason everybody has a unique style. Whether it be either stroker, tweener, or a cranker style bowler. The biggest differences are how many revolutions(revs) they use, how fast or slow the ball travels, and the amount of … Read more

A Good Bowling Arm Swing

A good bowling arm swing could be your way to a better game. In order to develop consistency and accuracy, you might want to check your swing. Maybe your friends are telling you that your arm swing is not straight. A good bowling arm swing stays straight and inline with your head. You should listen … Read more

Bowling With a Glove

Bowling With A Glove-Pete-Weber

Bowling with a glove, why would anyone want to do that? I was watching a video that showed Pete Weber bowling, and his glove caught my eye. Could bowling with a glove help my game? I have an impact injury, from years ago, to the nail bed of my middle finger that causes it to … Read more