Death of The Triangle Layout

image of The Triangle Layout On a Bowling Ball

From the moment I heard of the Triangle Layout for drilling bowling balls, I loved the idea! It basically gave you 6 ball layouts in one ball! Now that is some incredible thinking right there! How can you not like that concept? It sure sounded like a winner to me. So, whats the catch? Well, … Read more

Bowling Hand Release Techniques

How to increase bowling ball rev rate by USBC

Bowling hand release techniques are as important in today’s game as ever. Everybody wants to get the highest amount of revs on their ball as possible. It is fun and flashy to watch, but does it really help to get higher scores? All you need to do is watch the two-handed bowlers. A consistent bowler, … Read more

Bowling Tournament Preparation: Some Helpful Tips

USBC Open Logo - Bowling Tournament Preparation

You have made the decision to bowl in a tournament and now you need some good ideas for bowling tournament preparation. When you bowl in leagues at your local alley, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts mentioning tournaments.You hear the great stories people have to tell and you are chomping at the … Read more

Adjusting For Changing Lane Conditions

Adjusting for changing lane conditions is a skill that bowlers can learn after developing a consistent shot. It is a skill anyone can learn. But, how long it takes to learn, depends on bowling frequency and number of different patterns you bowl on. This is one reason the bowlers who bowl most often are the … Read more

The Mental Game in Bowling

The mental game in bowling is often overlooked as we progress further and further into our bowling careers.But it is the most important part of our game, if we are committed to improving our game. If we have good equipment,and good technique,the final piece of the puzzle becomes the mental game in bowling. The Ability … Read more

Get More Strikes Bowling

To get more strikes bowling first requires knowledge of exactly where to hit the pins that will result in the best percentage of strikes.In order to help the beginner bowlers, I felt some explanation of the basics was necessary.Once we do that, then everyone will be able to get more strikes bowling. Bowlers use many … Read more