Shoulder Injuries From Bowling Too Much

Image of man with his hand grabbing his red irritated Shoulder for Shoulder Injuries From Bowling Too Much

 Shoulder injuries from bowling become more frequent as we get older.  Bowlers feel that nagging little pain and all to often continue to bowl. They ignore the warning signs and go beyond the point when they should rest and let the shoulder heal. The arm tendons that form the rotor cuff in the upper arm … Read more

Bowling Tournament Preparation: Some Helpful Tips

USBC Open Logo - Bowling Tournament Preparation

You have made the decision to bowl in a tournament and now you need some good ideas for bowling tournament preparation. When you bowl in leagues at your local alley, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts mentioning tournaments.You hear the great stories people have to tell and you are chomping at the … Read more

The Roto Grip Wrecker Series

Roto Grip Wrecker Bowling Ball

A bowling ball that remains available for 4 or 5 years now is a rare breed. But this Roto Grip line has been around that long and all the balls are still available at the time of this writing. I have never used the wrecker, but I own the Wreck-It, and the Wreck-Em from the … Read more

Ankle Braces For Bowling

Picture of girl twisting ankle for ankle braces for bowling

Determining the best ankle braces for bowling becomes a critical priority in your life when you have a problem with your ankles or feet. One of my toughest challenges was after I sprained an ankle last year. After taking a brief rest to let the ankle heal some, I found I needed some extra support … Read more

How Important are Hip Flexor Muscles in Bowling

Hip Flexor Muscles in bowling - Skeleton with Hip Flexors Shown

In sports, the Hip Flexor muscles are a major factor in how well we perform. In today’s world we sit way too much! Whether at work on computers, playing Xbox games or watching our favorite movie or T.V. show. Sitting for long periods is unhealthy. So, how important are Hip Flexor Muscles in bowling? Did … Read more

Back Braces For Bowling – [Do They Help?]

Back Braces for Bowling-Woman with Back Trouble

Do back braces for bowling really help? My back issues require me to wear a back brace. The brace protects my back and prevents me from experiencing a sore back the next day. If you have this problem, then maybe this article will help you. I hope after reading it you will be able to … Read more