Back Braces For Bowling – [Do They Help?]

Back Braces for Bowling-Woman with Back Trouble

Do back braces for bowling really help? My back issues require me to wear a back brace. The brace protects my back and prevents me from experiencing a sore back the next day. If you have this problem, then maybe this article will help you. I hope after reading it you will be able to … Read more

Cupping The Wrist in Bowling For More Hook

Cupping the wrist In Bowling-Cupped Wrist Of Rhino Page

Cupping the wrist in bowling is a way to increase your hook and deliver more power to the pins. If you have your ball drilled for fingertip grip, then you know the fingertip grip in itself produces more lift on the ball. And also cupping the wrist in bowling, you will increase the rotation even … Read more

Adjusting For Changing Lane Conditions

Adjusting for changing lane conditions is a skill that bowlers can learn after developing a consistent shot. It is a skill anyone can learn. But, how long it takes to learn, depends on bowling frequency and number of different patterns you bowl on. This is one reason the bowlers who bowl most often are the … Read more

The Mental Game in Bowling

The mental game in bowling is often overlooked as we progress further and further into our bowling careers.But it is the most important part of our game, if we are committed to improving our game. If we have good equipment,and good technique,the final piece of the puzzle becomes the mental game in bowling. The Ability … Read more

Bowling Elbow Pain Explained

What causes bowling elbow pain. Tendinitis or “Tennis Elbow” is one of the most common causes. Repetitive stresses placed on the same tendons over and over cause injury. It is a very painful injury and I can tell you, once you suffer this particular injury, you will not forget it. It is in most cases … Read more

Bowling Without a Thumb

Bowling without a thumb is a way for bowlers to create a tremendous amount of revs on the bowling ball.Now the question is, which is better thumb or no thumb? Some bowlers say you need the thumb for accuracy.I personally, have unsuccessfully tried bowling without a thumb. I don’t have big hands, and that makes … Read more