Bowling Elbow Pain Explained

What causes bowling elbow pain. Tendinitis or “Tennis Elbow” is one of the most common causes. Repetitive stresses placed on the same tendons over and over cause injury. It is a very painful injury and I can tell you, once you suffer this particular injury, you will not forget it. It is in most cases … Read more

Bowling Without a Thumb

Bowling without a thumb is a way for bowlers to create a tremendous amount of revs on the bowling ball.Now the question is, which is better thumb or no thumb? Some bowlers say you need the thumb for accuracy.I personally, have unsuccessfully tried bowling without a thumb. I don’t have big hands, and that makes … Read more

Free Advice on Rental Bowling Shoes

Rental bowling shoes are probably the last thing on your mind when you first start bowling. As you looked at those shoes onto the counter, you may have wondered about who wore those shoes before you. I know I did. So, here are some facts you need to know about rental bowling shoes. Do You … Read more

Get More Strikes Bowling

To get more strikes bowling first requires knowledge of exactly where to hit the pins that will result in the best percentage of strikes.In order to help the beginner bowlers, I felt some explanation of the basics was necessary.Once we do that, then everyone will be able to get more strikes bowling. Bowlers use many … Read more

Advanced Bowling Tips and Techniques

Advanced bowling tips and techniques will help get you back on track.Especially when you are having one of those nights with too many of those annoying single pin spares.This advice will help you to convert those spares and result in more strikes. After watching countless hours of videos and reading many articles, I found some … Read more

Stroker, Tweener and Cranker Style Bowlers

Stroker, tweener and cranker style bowlers, three different types of bowling. No two bowlers are alike,and for that reason everybody has a unique style. Whether it be either stroker, tweener, or a cranker style bowler. The biggest differences are how many revolutions(revs) they use, how fast or slow the ball travels, and the amount of … Read more