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Roto Grip Bowling Ball New Releases 2019 — 2 Comments

  1. Hello—-Can you recommend a Roto Grip ball with the following specs: 1) RG below 2.50, differential/low at or below 0.030, solid cover-stock, dull surface, and two-piece symetrical core, 14lbs. Thank you.

    • Hi Adolfo,
      I can tell you that you should definitely take a look at the Hustle Ink Solid. I don’t think the core is two-piece, but everyone loves that ball! They have the new Hustle Pearl that just came out, but it is not a solid. Both balls are symmetrical cores, and in your Diff range of 0.030. The Hustle Ink Solid is polished out of the box, but try it! You can sand it if you need it for heavier oil. I have seen some pretty good scores with that ball! You may be happy with it polished or slightly dulled. I don’t care for polished balls myself! But, I actually had one ordered, and it was on back order due to the popularity of that ball. I got tired of waiting and had an Idol drilled and went with it. Another great ball! I love it! The Idol is popular on the pro tour as well!

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