Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2021

Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases for 2021 is going to list all the balls Roto Grip produces and added as soon as they are announced. Each ball with have a brief description and some insight on what the reviews have to say to help understand what to expect from each ball.

Roto Grip has delivered some of my favorite balls and I expect them to deliver the same great results in 2021.

The Latest Roto Grip Bowling Ball New Releases 2021

Roto Grip RUBICON UC2 – Released 1-29 – 2021 FREE SHIPPING

This year the RUBICON UC2(Ultimate Concept 2) is no exception. It will soon become a “must have” ball for serious bowlers. A new addition to the RUBICON released earlier this year. The mechanical and physics are reworked to compensate for the balance hole.

The RUBICON UC2 features the eTrax pearl reactive coverstock, wrapped around the Rondure asymmetric core. It is finished at 1500 grit and polished to deliver more length and shape on medium oil lanes.

The increase in length and more motion will provide a great ball for many different lane conditions.

Perfect scale – 210.1
RG -2.49/ Differential -0.052
Mass Bias Diff – 0.011
Finish- Polished / 1500-Grit Polished
Conditions – Medium
Ball Motion – Length w/Strong Backend
Coverstock – Pearl Reactive
Cover Name – eTrax Pearl
Core – Asymmetric – Rondure Core
Flare Potential – Medium-High
Performance – High Performance[8]
Warranty -1 year
Release Date – 11/27/2020
Roto Grip Rubicon UC2 Bowling Ball For Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2021