Bowling Elbow Pain Explained

What causes bowling elbow pain. Tendinitis or “Tennis Elbow” is one of the most common causes. Repetitive stresses placed on the same tendons over and over cause injury. It is a very painful injury and I can tell you, once you suffer this particular injury, you will not forget it. It is in most cases … Read more

Hip Injury Pain

Hip Injury Pain is aggravated by our age. The entire body weight is supported at the hip which is why it is prone to hip injury pain. It is one of the largest joints in the body and we tend to place a large amount of weight on our hips. As we get older this … Read more

Health Related Issues In Bowling

Cartoon of Doctor taking Blood Pressure

Health related issues in bowling are more common than you think. I often wondered what I could offer to help others with health issues in bowling. If I could share my experiences, then I might help others to bowl more comfortably. I suffer from arthritis, so I have to bowl differently than most people. I … Read more