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The Roto Grip Wrecker Series — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the super in depth review.
    Just wondering if these balls come in different weights and if so how do you find the weights change the ball action?
    I haven’t ever owned my own ball but I am thinking it is something I would like to get rather than using the lane balls as I start to bowl more often.

    • Hi Chris,
      The balls come in different weights. The high performance balls are usually offered in 10 or 12 lbs up to 16lbs. They offer lighter balls as well for kids in 6 to 8 lbs. The lighter the ball the less they carry. The pin weight causes the lighter balls to deflect more and reduces the impact on the pins. Simply, the lighter balls don’t cause the pin to move as far as say a 16 lb ball would.When you get your own ball and shoes, your scores will improve as well. Good luck on your bowling!

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