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Two Handed Bowling Tips and Young PBA Stars — 16 Comments

  1. I don’t bowl professionally however, I do like to bowl with my kids and family and make a competition out of it to see who can get the best score.  I was really bummed out when my local bowling alley closed down, we have to travel to the next town over to go.  I enjoyed your article and I think I will try some of the two-handed techniques when I go back with my family next time to bowl.

    Osku Palermaa was really amazing to watch! I wish I had skills even close to what he has, but I’m a girl!  I do enjoy watching bowling though and my stepdad used to bowl in the league here in town, he was a big guy and really good at it.  Thanks for your great article though, the tips were awesome!

    • Hi Kandi,

      I no professional either, but I do like to bring the interesting stuff I find and publish it for my readers. I tried the two handed bowling, it is tricky! Try using one of the lighter kids balls until you get the hang of it. I couldn’t keep the ball from hooking off the lane before it hit any pins!

      I f your stepdad was a big guy, he likely used a 16lb ball. They carry much better, but I don’t have the good back to throw them. Thanks for stopping by and please come back!


  2. Thank you for sharing, and again thanks for the good advice and lessons you have written here in your valuable post. I used to play bowling, but these techniques I learned today on your website are great.  I liked the way you explained everything. I wish you success on your blog and again I’ll be back to see any new bowling technique posted by you.

    • Hi Bajram,

      I am glad you liked my article and advice.I try to explain everything as simple as I can to make it understandable to everyone.Please do come back! 

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Hi Sujandar, very interesting article about Two handed bowling tips. You showed to us some very good bowling tips, I never thought that there are so many ways to do this and I can really admire people who are so skilled in bowling. I play this game sometimes with my friends and I think that next time I will try one of the tips. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Luke,

      Glad you liked the article. I love watching the two handers, they generate awesome power! Try watching the tv bowling sometime, as well. I like to see how they do it sometimes also. Good luck with the tips!

      Thanks for the comment.


  4. Thanks for these tips about bowling, it’s such an amazing game but lucky for me I suck at it. I do bowling with my friends and I often wonder how they are so good at the game. This is really a stepping stone for me to get better and bowl some more. I find your article insightful and explanatory. Keep up the good work. 

    • Hi Ayodeji,

      You are welcome. Well, bowling for me to stay sharp requires at least two or three times a week in leagues. If you do start to practice ,bring some people that are good bowlers, you will learn much more. 

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  5. I am not bowler and I have only seen it during competition like Olympics or Commonwealth games to mention but afew but I have  can say I am lucky  for having the chance to see this article  that I know so understand in depth bowling and tricks that goes when playing that alone is enough for novice like me and I hope you keep posting more like these blogs so that I can learn more.

    • Hi Charles,
      I am glad it caught your eye and you learned some things you did not know. If you ever get the chance, watch PBA bowling on television. The two handed bowlers that are competing are very exciting to watch. I will keep posting information for those who want to learn. Come back and check it out! Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hi,

    Its really nice to read about top Bowlers and also to learn some great tips on how they become a professional bowler. I was able to pick one or two lessons from the tips given most especially from Jason Belmont and Anthony. They are great Bowlers which will never go down in history.

    Thanks once again for the great insight. God bless.



  7. I think by sharing Jesper Svensson’s techniques you have also gave me so many important tips that I can also use for myself when I’m playing. I can’t imagine how long it took you to write  this article with immense amount of information. Thank you so much sharing this article. God Bless You

    • HI Sujandar,
      Jesper Svensson is a real force to be reckoned with on the PBA. I am always looking for ways to help other bowlers get better. Read my atricle Two Handed Bowling Technique. I was working on the article most of the week! But, when I enjoy the information, I want to share it with my readers. It really isn’t work when you enjoy doing it.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hello,

    Thanks for the the wonderful and relevant tips you’ve provided us about the Two handed method of bowling, and they are really helpful and awesome. I believe I’ll keep learning this until I become an expert of this skills. I have always love bowling since I was a younger boy and this passion never dies.

    Thanks, have a nice day

    • Hi Salim,
      You are welcome. I have been bowling for about 40 years and i am still learning! If you want to get better you have to keep learning about your mistakes! if you are interested in learning more, read my article Two handed Bowling Technique Thanks for leaving a comment and good luck with your bowling.

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