900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases 2023

The mission of 900 Global has always been to excel in the bowling industry. And Excel they have! The are widely known for some of the strongest hooking bowling balls in the industry. Their innovation, quality workmanship, and performance speaks for itself. They are increasing the number of enthusiasts in the sport of bowling by inspiring bowlers with high scoring, quality products.

I am excited to see what new products will be introduced in 2023 from 900 Global. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed. Be sure to check back often and catch the latest new releases from 900 Global.

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The Latest 900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases 2023

900 Global Eternity – Released 2/17/2023 – FREE SHIPPING

The newest product in the 2023 lineup from 900 Global is here – Introducing Eternity! Eternity features the Epoch asymmetric core as the engine inside this ball. A brand new design inspired by the “Break Core” introduced inside the “Break” bowling ball in August of 2007.

Wrapped around the Epoch core is the S84 Response pearl reactive coverstock , polished with the Reacta Gloss ball finishing product. Bowlers will love Eternity for the versatility it will bring to different oil conditions.

The end result is an ball with earlier roll and more aggressive backend motion than the Reality line.

Here’s what 900 Global has to say about Eternity:

As with all of our high performance pearl covers, bowlers will find the Eternity to be easily tunable and able to cover a broad spectrum of oil conditions. Bowlers should notice this core to be a bit earlier and more aggressive than the Disturbance Core used on the Realities. It will expand upon the high performance shapes that the Reality and Zen have given us.
900 Global Eternity Specs Image
Perfect scale 235.5
RG 2.49/ Differential 0.052
Finish – Polished
Conditions – Medium-Heavy
Ball Motion – Continuous with Strong Backend
Coverstock – Pearl Reactive
Coverstock Name – S84 Response Pearl
Core –  Asymmetric – Epoch Asymmetric
Performance – Pro Performance[10]
Flare Potential – High
Mass Bias Diff – 0.014
Warranty – 1 Year
Release Date – 2/17/2023
900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases - 900 Global Eternity
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To keep you ball investment in top condition, you have to keep it clean. Wiping the ball before every pitch with a good clean Microfiber Towel, helps to remove oil and  keep the pores open.

Keeping the ball clean, keeps the reaction consistent. After a three game series, the ball should be cleaned with a good ball cleaner. Click here to find all your favorite ball cleaners and polishes. 

However, if you bowl 3  or more times a week, you may need some extra help. The pro shop will offer to rejuvenate your ball with a through cleaning for about $25. They do this using either heat or a hot water bath to clean the ball. Now you can do this at home.

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