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Advanced Bowling Tips and Techniques — 8 Comments

  1. Enjoyed reading your article. It’s difficult to relate to the info because I am left-handed. Trying to reverse everything in my mind is mind boggling. I am a 79 year-old Senior, carrying about 170 average, bowling with a 13 lb. ball in 2 leagues. I leave the 7 (as well as the 4) a lot. Also the 6-10 (which I don’t have a problem with). My average would jump up if I didn’t miss the 7 or chop the 4-7. Don’t think I have the power or weight for the strikes, but I’m ok with that if I knew what to do to avoid that dreaded 7. I have improved converting it with the spare ball, but sure would like to know what I’m doing that I leave the 7 so much. Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Isabel,
      I am delighted you enjoyed the article! I understand how confusing it is to try to switch things around for the other side of the pin pocket. Believe me when I tell you, I leave many ten pins myself, and some days it seems no matter what you do, you still leave those corner pins. Check out The Dreaded Ten Pin…good videos you can slow down and watch what happens!

      BTW It is wonderful that at 79 you are bowling in two leagues!

      When you bowl try to watch what happens when you leave the 7 pin…if the 4 pin is in the gutter or ringing around the seven pin ,you hit is too heavy(too high) on the head pin.

      Try this. When that happens, look out past your mark(your target spot) on the lanes about 6 inches farther down the lane. This will help you get the ball to travel father down the lane and delay the hit in the pocket. The result should be a lighter hit on the head pin and hopefully cause the desired 2-4-7 carry you need.

      You can also move right a board(with your feet) or move your target a board(or even a half board) left.

      Now if the 4 pin is driving straight back into the pit and missing the 7 pin inside, then you need to reverse the above adjustment.
      You can do what ever you feel will get you ball to react more to the head pin and a heavier hit. You can look in front of your mark and set the ball down sooner, and (depending on the oil) you should be giving the ball more lane to travel and it should come into the pocket heavier. In turn it should give you the desired 2-4-7 carry.

      In this case you would move right with your feet or move you target board to the left.(1 board or a half board)

      Here is another trick I use. I target my shot using the dots that are halfway between the foul line and the arrows. When I am leaving the corner pins, it is normally later in the evening when the oil is breaking down. I will move my target from the dots to the arrows on the alley. This helps me change the action on the ball enough (sometimes) to get the carry on the corner pins. But, remember, sometimes no matter what we do, nothing seems to help! All you can do is make your spares!!!
      I hope that helps,
      Good luck!

  2. Hi,
    Great tips! However, you talk about “lift” on the ball; I have read many articles that say “because of the new coverstocks and the core in the ball, all you have to do is to let the ball roll out of your hand, and the ball will do the rest” (not that simple but, makes sense!).
    So… why “lift”?. Thanks !.

    • Hi Vic,
      That choice is yours. I do both actually. When the lanes are freshly oiled in my particular league, I need to help the ball a little by lifting it a bit. Then, as they dry and my ball starts to bite harder, I soften up on the lift and just let it go as you describe.

      It all depends on your style, and what kind of ball speed you have. I have a fairly high ball speed around 15-16 mph, so the ball will not react without some lift. in fact,unless I lift a bit my ball doesn’t turn at all. It has less power and drive through the pins, thus less carry. If you have a slower ball speed, then yes the block and coverstock may strike well for you. Also, I don’t use the most powerful hooking coverstock, some are just too much for my conditions. We have medium oil and when they dry out, I don’t want a ball that is out of control all by itself. I hope that makes sense.

      I get a lot more powerful hit when I lift the ball. I just love to destroy the pins and blow them off the deck…lol. It’s my preference, but if just letting the ball go works, that what I will do also! Whatever gets ten pins knocked down over and over works for me!

  3. I thought these were all great tips! My wife and I were looking at different activities we could start doing for date night, and we both thought bowling could be a really good one. Neither of us are all that good. but we still enjoy it. I think we’ll just have to keep in mind what the article says about how only practice will help us figure out what bowling style or techniques will help us become better.

    • Hi John,
      Glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for taking the time to comment! As long as you keep it fun and enjoy it! Don’t take it to seriously and you will be just fine. That’s my 2 cents.

  4. This makes me want to head down to the lanes right now and practice. I have gotten really into bowling the last little while, and reading this was a huge help. I really like what you said about being very accurate, and not being off by even an inch. My accuracy isn’t even close to being that spot on, so I will be working on that for sure.

    • Hi Jackie,
      Glad you liked the article.The more accurate you are, the easier the game becomes.The goal is to be that accurate, but in reality, we just want to find the sweet spot where we can get away with the biggest area and still carry 10 pins.The key for me is to bowl often. I am just an average bowler, but I practice, and bowl regularly, and keep myself in the 200 avg area. Good luck on your bowling! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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