Can Senior Bowlers Increase Bowling Rev Rate – Find Out Now

Can senior bowlers increase bowling rev rate easily? The short answer is yes, but it does require some practice work to do it. For all the bowlers who may not know, revs refers to the revolutions on the bowling ball. Some bowlers score without much turn on their ball at all, while others create 500 rpms one handed.

Not to mention the two handed bowlers creating 600 RPM or more. From my experience, it was always a fact of sorts that to get high revs you had to start at an early age. And, learning at a young age would have been great. But, I also think even senior bowlers can increase bowling rev rate, and enjoy the game more.

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How Senior Bowlers Can Increase Bowling Rev Rate

I am a senior bowler, so I know the result of aging and watching your average decline is not pleasant. Speaking for myself, I will be the first to admit that I haven’t stayed in the best shape and I have been overweight.

And having physical problems from age like arthritis in the joints doesn’t help my average either. Nonetheless, I will tell you it is possible for senior bowlers to get more revs, and become more consistent with your shots.

This is not rocket science and it is not a new exotic method. It is simply going back to basics and retraining your delivery. I have used this method I am about to discuss for years.

It is not difficult or hard, but it will require some patience to practice and learn to do things the right way. And it will not increase your rev rate from 100 to 500. It will make you more consistent with a reasonable increase that will vary with everyone.

One area that I have not worked on, is the bend in the elbow. I am one who was taught to keep my elbow and arm straight for accuracy. So, in the future I will definitely consider trying that.

Hitting The Ball Harder Doesn’t Work

To begin with, you don’t have to “hit the ball” harder and try to “make the ball turn more” Especially when you are a senior, you probably don’t have the finger strength to do that anymore.

Even in my younger years, I thought “Hitting the ball” meant, lift it harder! I did it wrong. I tried to lift straight up through the ball, and turn it harder! It doesn’t work that way, trust me! So, If you don’t practice doing it right, it doesn’t matter how hard you “hit the ball”.

Releasing the ball with proper hand position is much easier to do. This is what I mean by getting more revs [easy]. I have touched upon it before in my article Bowling Hand Release Techniques.

But, I am going to share with you what I learned years ago from a local “Hall Of Fame” bowler who I bowled with for years.

A good article was written some years ago by a former certified ABC coach, and columnist for Bowling This Month, Joe Slowinski. You can check out his article here An Easier Method That Increases Your Rev Rate.  It is one of the best articles I have ever read on increasing revs.

Increase Bowling Rev Rate Using The Easy Method

It is no real secret that your fingers (mainly the ring finger) turn the ball. And one of the most used methods for getting turn on the ball was “cupping/uncupping” your wrist. I witnessed this personally as bowlers on my league team did exactly that.

But, they were younger bowlers and had lots of wrist strength and got plenty of revs on their balls. I never considered even trying to learn how to rev the ball that much. But, when the two handed bowlers came on the scene, high revs became the rage!

I am a senior bowler, so this article is to give some reassurance to other senior bowlers. One problem I personally deal with is keeping my revs consistent. 

I do not know what my rev rate is, Only because I have never tired to figure it out. I would guess it is likely low maybe 200 to 300 revs if that. I am not a high rev player.

But, I do have times when I don’t get the revs I want on the ball, and it doesn’t turn. After researching this article, I learned a few things I didn’t know.

An Elbow “Chicken Wing” Ruins Rev Rate

I have the problem of “chicken wing” or getting the elbow out and taking all the lift off the ball. The result is a weak hit or a ball that never hooked back to the head pin.

I always would say ” I didn’t get any finger in that ball.” To be honest, I never knew exactly why that happened?

So, what caused this to happen?

I was turning my hand too soon. And when I get to the release point and try to turn the ball, my fingers are already too far around the ball. It is a problem that still occasionally causes a bad shot.

It’s just bad mechanics. Depending on conditions, normally I start the with the fingers at 6 and 7 o’clock on my right hand. This is where they(should) stay as I go through my arm swing. and get to my heel of my slide foot.

On a perfect delivery, my fingers shouldn’t have started around the ball yet. At that point is where I want them to create the rev on the ball.

When I get to my heel of my slide foot, I pull my thumb out and turn the ball as it passes my ankle. It results in a nice turn of probably 8-12 revs somewhere, that turns nice and crisp when the ball hits the dry.

My ball speed is around 14.5 to 15.5 mph most days unless we have extremely dry conditions. Then I will be around 16 mph as much as possible. If I can’t keep the speed up, I will soften the shot a bit by moving my fingers to a 6 and 7 o’clock position.

Success At Increasing Bowling Rev Rate Requires Practice

This method is not difficult to master, but repeating the same starting position and following through won’t happen overnight. It takes some getting used to.

As I said, my problem is turning my hand too early. It is a common mistake that is addressed by patiently keeping the hand in position until your hand is horizontal with your slide foot heel.

I personally try to work on the areas that I know I have problems with, and practice during the week getting ready for league play.

Here is some tips on increasing your rev rate by JR Raymond.

The Yo-yo Style For Increasing Bowling Rev Rate

JR demonstrates the Yo-yo or cupping /un-cupping the wrist I mentioned earlier to increase your rev rate. This is a method that the high rev bowlers use. He describes it as “throwing a Frisbee”.

Personally, I would say that is better for the younger bowlers. To do that, I would think older bowlers would have to build up some wrist strength to do that for three games.

If you are a senior bowler, I think you will benefit more from keeping your hand turned inside, fingers at 7 and 8 o’clock and your arm close to your body.

And, even more important, is to make sure you are getting your thumb out quickly. Don’t turn your hand too soon, and keep your fingers in the ball to the last possible quarter second. And do the finger flip like throwing a frisbee.

It will help to get more revs, just from a relaxed throw. It is a complete review of the entire process, and practice with your ball at home. Like JR demonstrated above, practice getting your thumb out of the ball and flipping your fingers. Practice until you recognize the “feel”

Keep Your Grip Comfortable To Increase Bowling Rev Rate

Keep your index finger spread apart from your middle finger, and your pinky finger in close to your ring finger. It should feel comfortable, adjust you hand till it does. Don’t exaggerate anything so that it is uncomfortable. Practice bowling and using these new skills and you will see an improvement in you revs and consistency in your shots. Most importantly, you should start to see more strikes from better pin carry. Why?

When the ball hits the pocket with more revs, it tends to lay pins down more and increases your pin carry. You end up using the length of the pin to hit other pins, instead of just the width of the pins. The result is actually widening the pocket and increasing the strikes you get.

That is why those high rev guys score higher! But, when they are not accurate, they can leave some nasty splits.

Try some practice using some of these techniques, and see if it doesn’t improve your game.

If you have any success with your revs increasing or any tips you want to share, leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP! Thanks for reading, and please stop back!


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    • Hi Thomas,
      You can get a few pointers from the article. I am 70yrs old myself, so I can relate to what you are saying. We need to keep in tip top shape as best we can at our age. If you can, start a walking routine everyday for 20-30 minutes, even longer if you can. You will see an improvement in you strength. If you can get into some kind of fitness program as well where you try to strengthen your arms legs and finger strength. That will help you a lot. We are naturally losing muscle as we age now, so we have to work harder to build it back up. try some of these things and you will see improvement in your scores. And by all means ask the people at your local bowling alley in the pro shop what you can do as well.
      Hope that helps,
      Good luck and good scores!


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