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Two-Handed Bowling Technique with Jason Belmonte and Oska Palermaa — 16 Comments

  1. I recently started bowling again, after bowling league in the 80’s.
    I have bought a used Storm Optimus. It gave me a little hook, but not as much as I want. I have started to throw “two handed”.
    The release is REALLY one handed. I find it easier on my body, but I have actually seen my score suffer. I know I will improve with practice. A ball in the pocket cleans em out, but I am taking a rest because I developed tendonitis in the forearm. I’ve got a nice hook now, but it’s easier to hit a gutter on either side!!
    My best game this summer was only a 162, but I’ve been only rolling 110’s after going two handed.

    • Hi Fred,
      Well congrats on going two handed and being able to have success! I tried it, and could not get the style to work for me. Belmo makes it look easy! Yes, The release is really one handed, you can see that in two handed video’s when you slow them down. I have some back and hip issues, so I would have to go with a lighter ball to attempt to bowl two handed with any success. I currently use a 14lb ball, and going lighter is something I don’t want to do. I guess it is basically the same rules apply. You have to hit the same shot the same way to have the best scores. When the two handed bowlers get right they have power and tons of pin carry! But, when it is off a bit, it is similar to any big crankers…ugly splits! I stay with my one handed delivery because I can avoid those nasty splits, and more often than not have ten pins or seven pins, sometimes a five pin..mostly one pin spares to convert. I have ugly splits too, but fortunately they are fairly rare.The downside is I don’t get as many strikes. It is a give and take. Consistency is what makes the scores improve. Practice, practice…and more practice. Good luck with your two handed game, and remember you can always go back!

  2. I think the two handed technique would be fun to try. It looks like a great way to put a new “spin” on things! Now that I know I need to deep clean my bowling ball, trying out a different technique might also be in the game for me. I appreciated the step by step breakdown of how Jason Belmonte and Oska Palermaa’s techniques differ. I am thinking if I can master control of the ball, this technique could work really great for me in improving my low average (112).

    I am so glad I found you site!

    • Hi Karin,

      Well if you keep coming back, and reading all these bowling articles, you will be heading to the bowling alley to try them out! Then, when you get six or seven new bowling balls, you will need a Bowling Ball Rejuvenator to keep them all clean!

      I am glad you liked the breakdown of the two handed bowlers step by step, I really enjoyed doing it. My readers enjoy this article as well, it is the most popular article.

      look at it this way Karin, with a 112 there is more room for improvement! If you were a 235 bowler, you only have 65 pts to improve! lol

      Thanks for your comment and come back!


  3. This looks very interesting. I’d like to learn how to do this. Next time I go bowling, I’ll play around with it. 

    What would be the best technique you’d recommend for a novice to master to improve their game? My average scores are not impressive at all. I’m not sure why I’m so terrible!

    • Hi Holly,

      If you try it, be careful at first, it feels so different. you may want to get one of the lighter kids balls to play around with at first, seriously! 

      There is really only one thing you can as a beginner, is get someone to teach you. One day with a good coach will help so much! Local alleys will sometimes have a clinic for one or two days, they are fantastic!

      But, you can also read a few of my articles as well to help you get some idea.



      Just remember to have fun! Thanks for leaving a comment and come back!


  4. I bowl with my three fingers the conventional way mainly because thats how I was taught and also I’m old now and the two handed bowling technique would but strain on my lower back which I don’t need. I don’t see anything wrong with the two handed technique if you can do it. Like you said it’s fun to watch.

    • Hi Cory,

      I agree, my back doesn’t like it either! I can tell you quite a few of the kids are trying it and starting to score very well! I know older bowlers that felt two handed bowling was cheating!..lol  I don’t see it that way. in fact they do a one handed release at the foul line!

      Yea, the speed and power they can create is awesome to watch. The pins don’t stand a chance! And two pro two handed bowlers have claimed titles in the first year or two after going on tour! Pretty impressive!.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  5. Hello Chas, great article!! I haven’t been bowling in 12 years, but I plan to go back next month. I don’t recall using the two-handed technique as I usually use one hand, but it looks fun and I will try it out. If Pameraa and Belmonte can do it, I guess I can as well. Thanks again!!

    • Hi Ahmad,

      I know I am a bit old for it, but I gave it a whirl a few times. My old back says “NO!” so I stick with one-handed bowling. Quite a few of the youngsters are using the Two Handed Bowling Technique nowadays and doing quite well. 

      If you are going to try it, that little skip that belmonte uses in the approach, will help you gain the momentum necessary to bowl two handed!

      Palermaa was clocked throwing his one handed spare ball at 30mph! That is the world record!

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  6. Hi. I’m a senior in high school and a two handed bowler. I had tried for months to curve a ball with one hand, but I never could get enough hook. Then, I saw a video of Belmonte’s two handed bowling, and I decided to give it a try. I’ve increased my score ever since. It’s important to note that, on heavier oil, you may have to slow down on your throw to get it in the pocket. I see other two handers hurl the ball as fast as possible. Then, they can never figure out what they’re doing wrong. I’ve been bowling this way on an average of about five games per week for four months straight now, and I feel like I can control the ball a lot better. I would like to bowl more, but it all comes down to money.

  7. I”m getting back into bowling. i’m 72(240) 6ft1 & prime was 1994 299 700 Series 200 avg league. Yesterday open bowling this big young man was bowling two handed and pins were flying like a buzz saw. I had a 200+ game out of five. My speed 15mph per machine. I’ve never seen pins being thrown all over the place. He had one 235 game. I have got to try the two handed delivery. I will always use my one handed hammer for spares. I don’t use count boards spares. I line up with pin as target bowl over arrow & follow through to pin. 10 pin I move up past return alley on left gets the machine out of picture & cut steps down to 2-3 mostly just

    • Hi Maverick,
      My best advice is be careful, and try a lighter ball at first, even a kids house ball till you get the feel of it. I tried it, and it is fun, but I have back issues and it did make my back a little sore. That is the problem for me. It puts more strain on the back. Then, that little skip/jump step before you release the ball takes some practice, but makes it much easier!. Good luck and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  8. I became fan of two handed style since the emergence of Simonsen and Svensons. Belmonte and Palermaa and other two handed bowlers are now my favorates. Now I started to learn the two handed style using my one handed ball layout. I guess I have plaved around 30 to 40 games now. I’ve noticed that if I Put more power on my ball, I ended up on pin ten or gutter(im left handed). Putting less pwer, I can hit the pocket. Ive tried the house ball and its gives more accurate shot to the poket whether less or bigh speed. Looks like I have to used less aggressive ball as Svensons using urethane.

    • Hi Alejandro,
      Two handed bowlers are definitely for real. Svensson joined the PBA in 2014 and has 6 PBA titles! Simonsen joined in 2013 and was the youngest ever PBA champ in 2016! I think that says a lot for two handed bowling.Not many one-handed bowlers have that kind of success in such short periods of time. You may want to experiment with not using the thumb for strikes, but then use the thumb for spares? I don’t bowl two-handed, so I am just going by what other two-handers do! Good luck! And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, it is appreciated!

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