The Fingertip Bowling Ball Release Secret

The Fingertip Bowling Ball Release

The Fingertip Bowling Ball Release is the best and most natural way to release your bowling ball with nice revs and plenty of power and drive to the pocket and through the pins. I am not talking about trying to lift your bowling ball or increasing your revs by helping the ball. What I am … Read more

So You Bowled Terrible, Now What?

So You Bowled Terrible - Confused man in bowling alley

So you bowled terrible and had your worst bowling outing ever? You were embarrassed in front of all your bowling friends and buddies. Now, you have to go back next week and prove you really aren’t that bad. I know, it is painful, because our pride is hurt. And you know you are a better … Read more

Improving Your Bowling Targeting

Image of Bowler Targeting His Shot For Improving Your Bowling Targeting Article

Improving your bowling targeting is a subject even advanced bowlers need to revisit from time to time. It is critical for good scores to have a system to help determine where your ball is going to hit the pins. The most common way for beginner bowlers to target their shot is to just look at … Read more