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Bowling Vs Gym Workouts: Which Is Better For Physical Fitness?

Bowling Vs Gym Workouts - Split Image of Bowlers on One half and A Man Working out on a Gym Machine.

Bowling Vs Gym Workouts. When you think of improving physical fitness, images of treadmills, weights, and the gym might first come to mind. But what about bowling? Yes, you heard that right. I’m going to show you that fitness isn’t just relegated to the confines of gym walls. It extends to recreational activities like bowling … Read more

Strength Training For Bowling – What You Can Do Now!

Strength Training For Bowling - Image Of A Bowling Lane illuminated in Blue light

Ever considered Strength Training for Bowling? I’ve often seen the surprise on people’s faces when I say strength training and bowling go hand in hand. It’s true that bowling seems more about skill, timing, and precision. But underpinning these is a foundation of physical strength that many overlook. Years of experience have led me to … Read more

Your Bowling Pre-Shot Routine – Keep It Stupid Simple!

Bowling Pre-Shot Routine -Image Of Bowler Ready To Bowl

When I step onto the lanes, I begin visualizing my Bowling Pre-Shot Routine. My mind is like a steady stream, not rushing but flowing with a measured purpose. That’s because I rely on my pre-shot routine; it’s my anchor in a sea of variables that is the sport of bowling. For anyone looking to polish … Read more

Best Hook Bowling Balls 2024 – Get Yours Now!

Best Hook Bowling Balls 2024 - Image of the Motiv Crimson Jackal Bowling Ball.

My best hook bowling balls list is overdue, so I decided to get another list together. I will again try to separate them into 3 categories: Experienced, Intermediate, and Beginner. Sometimes it is hard to do because they could fit into two categories. The main goal is to show some of the latest hook balls … Read more

The Best Bowling Ball Coverstocks And When To Use Them

Best Bowling Ball Coverstocks - Image of 3 different bowling balls cut-away to show the core and coverstock

The Best Bowling Ball Coverstocks is designed to be a guide for all bowlers. I know the search for the perfect bowling ball can be much like finding the right puzzle piece. It has to fit just right to complete the picture. In ten-pin bowling, coverstocks act as the crucial piece, determining how your ball … Read more

Bowling For Kids And Youth -Teaching Important Skills Now!

Bowling For kids And Youth -Image Of Kids Bowling

Bowling for Kids And Youth: Recently, I’ve noticed an uptick in the interest youngsters have in bowling. It is a sport associated with bright lights, thunderous strikes, and the joyous sounds of pins tumbling down. It isn’t just about weekend family outings anymore. Today bowling has become a significant part of physical and social development … Read more