Roto Grip Bowling Ball New Releases 2019

I have created a list of the Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases. And I will include a summary of the available reviews to help give some idea of what to expect of each ball. This will cover Roto Grip Bowling Balls New releases and some older releases of Roto Grip Bowling Balls.   The … Read more

Storm Bowling Balls New Releases

The Latest Storm Bowling Balls New Releases – 2019 Storm Pro Motion – 7/26/2019 This ball comes with the SPEC coverstock taken from the Crux prime and wrapped around the Piston core. This ball was developed with collaboration between Storm and Jason Belmonte and is sounds like another winner. Combining the solid reactive coverstock with … Read more

Hammer Bowling Balls New Releases

The Latest Hammer Bowling Ball New Releases -2019   Hammer Web Pearl – Released 9/10/2019 Hammer Ruthless – Released 9/10/2019 Hammer Vibe Orange – Released 6/18/2019 Hammer Black Widow Pink – Released 4/9/2019 Hammer Statement Solid – Released 2/12/2019 Hammer Statement Pearl – Released 2/12/2019 Hammer Flawless Pearl – Released 1/15/19   Hammer Web Pearl … Read more

Can You Improve Balance In Bowling

Man Off Balance Bowling for Can You Improve Balance in Bowling

  Can you improve balance in bowling? We have a girls college team that holds practice in my local bowling alley. I often see the coaches working with first time bowlers and showing them ways to maintain good balance. Coaches teach them good balance is critical both for accuracy, and repeating the same shot. I … Read more

Bowling with Middle Finger Pain

Image of a Hand For bowling with Middle Finger Pain.

I have been bowling with middle finger pain for some time now. In my youth, I injured my finger while at work. Now that I am older, arthritis is making the bowling middle finger joint pain worse. This became even more apparent recently, when I quit bowling for the summer months.  A few weeks before … Read more

Two Handed Bowling Tips and Young PBA Stars

Jason Belmonte Image for Two Handed Bowling Tips

Two handed bowling tips are something I have been asked about more than once, so, I decided to write an article on what I found. Each year more and more bowlers are trying to learn the two handed bowling style. Consequently, they are looking for tips on the two handed style.  As I was browsing … Read more