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Best Hook Bowling Balls In 2021 For Beginners And Experienced

Best Hook Bowling Balls - Storm Parallax Effect

Here are the best hook bowling balls for 2021 that have been compiled from all the ball releases this year. I tried to divide these into three categories. Experienced, Intermediate, and Beginner. My goal is to match the best ball capabilities with the skill level that bowlers have reached. But, I must admit it was … Read more

So You Bowled Terrible, Now What?

So You Bowled Terrible - Confused man in bowling alley

So you bowled terrible and had your worst bowling outing ever? You were embarrassed in front of all your bowling friends and buddies. Now, you have to go back next week and prove you really aren’t that bad. I know, it is painful, because our pride is hurt. And you know you are a better … Read more

Improving Your Bowling Targeting

Image of Bowler Targeting His Shot For Improving Your Bowling Targeting Article

Improving your bowling targeting is a subject even advanced bowlers need to revisit from time to time. It is critical for good scores to have a system to help determine where your ball is going to hit the pins. The most common way for beginner bowlers to target their shot is to just look at … Read more

The Best Bowling Ball To Use – And Why?

Man On A Bowling Lane Holding A bowling Ball For The Best Bowling Ball To Use Article

The best bowling ball to use depends on many different factors. Are you a beginner or a more accomplished bowler. Chances are if you are more accomplished and participate in league bowling, you are already familiar with different bowling balls. Many people are not up to date on the latest equipment and some need help. … Read more

Can Senior Bowlers Increase Bowling Rev Rate [Easily]

Fingers In A Bowling Ball for Can Senior Bowlers Increase Bowling Rev Rates Easily

Can senior bowlers increase bowling rev rate easily? The short answer is yes, but it does require some practice work to do it. For all the bowlers who may not know, revs refers to the revolutions on the bowling ball. Some bowlers score without much turn on their ball at all, while others create 500 rpms … Read more