Bowling Ball Maintenance Tips – Things You Should Know Now!

Here are some helpful Bowling Ball Maintenance Tips. I take my bowling seriously, and I know you do too. That’s why it’s crucial we talk about maintaining the tool that keeps us striking – our bowling ball. It’s not just about cleaning, it’s about being on top of your game.

Consistent wiping of your ball after each game is a simple step, yet so many overlook its significance. By doing so, you’re removing oil before it soaks in and affects your ball’s reactive surface.

You have to choose the right tools for this ritual. Not every towel is created equal. Reach for a lint-free, microfiber cloth, or a leather wipe. This choice is about protecting your ball’s finish while ensuring that every drop of oil is absorbed without leaving behind any residue. It’s the first line of defense.

Occasionally, a general wiping might not be enough when the lanes are heavy on oil. That’s when rubbing alcohol becomes your best friend. A small amount on a cloth can work wonders, cutting through the grease and giving your ball a squeaky-clean surface.

Remember to do this sparingly – frequent use can dry out the ball over time, so just when you feel the lanes are extra oily. Check the current rules before using it during bowling, but you can use it before and after you bowl.

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Commercial Cleaners

There are quite a few commercial cleaners available that help with ball cleaning. Storm has several different products depending on what type of surface you have on your ball. Other companies also make cleaning products you may like. It is almost a personal preference.

Be aware that some older products may not be considered good to use on your ball. The ones that add compounds to increase the tackiness or surface grip on balls, tend to clog the pores on the ball. Stick with products that are cleaners only or a light polish without any additives. Here are some products you may like.

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Finally, make a habit of this routine care. Clean your bowling ball after every use, and you’ll prevent oil from building up, ensuring that your ball rolls consistently.

Think of it as an investment in your bowling future. Maintain the ball, and it’ll maintain your scores. Stay tuned for the next section, where I’ll guide you through deep cleaning your bowling ball right at home.

The Deep Clean: Revitalizing Your Bowling Ball at Home

If you bowl regularly, you’ll eventually notice a change in how your ball behaves on the lanes. That’s your cue that it’s time for a deep clean. A ball that’s saturated with oil won’t hook as sharply, impacting your game.

I’ll guide you through the home-based deep cleaning process to help bring back that new-ball reaction.

Protect The Finger And Thumb Holes

Before you start, it’s crucial to protect the finger holes. Water in the holes can alter the weight distribution or damage the core.

So, grab some waterproof tape and carefully seal those holes. It’s a simple step, but it makes a big difference in safeguarding your gear. I use Gorilla Tape.

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Now, let’s talk about the hot water soak. You’ll want the water hot, but not boiling, to avoid damaging the ball’s materials. A temperature around 140 degrees Fahrenheit may be too hot for some balls.

Check the manufactures recommendations, some will limit the temperature to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Read more about hot water bath instructions and recommendations here: Bowling Ball Cleaning Tips.

Submerge your bowling ball for about 20 minutes, which is long enough for the heat to coax the oily residue out without harming the ball.

After soaking, it’s time to dry. Remove the tape and grab that lint-free towel again. Gently pat the surface. You may need to repeat this a few times. Be patient; allow the ball to completely air dry before using it again.

I allow 24 hours and turn the holes down to ensure any water left in the holes will run out. Ensuring the ball is fully dry maintains its weight balance and surface quality.

Regular deep cleaning maintains the integrity of your ball’s performance. While it’s a step that might seem demanding, it pays off. Upkeep like this extends your ball’s life and keeps your throws consistent, game after game.

Bowling Ball Maintenance Tips – The Pro Shop Advantage

While cleaning your bowling ball at home is a great way to maintain its condition, there comes a time when you might need to leverage the advanced tools and expertise found at a local pro shop.

These facilities are equipped with specialized oil extraction machines that can rejuvenate your ball more profoundly than any home method. If you’re starting to notice a decline in your ball’s reaction on the lanes, and you bowled more than 30 games, it may need resurfaced. Talk to your pro shop about deep cleaning or resurfacing.

Professional cleaning at a pro shop involves far more than just a standard spin in a machine. The staff there are trained to treat your ball with care, ensuring that its weighted core and delicate surface are preserved during the extraction process.

Plus, they can identify and rectify other issues that you may have overlooked, like subtle surface scratches or loss of polish.

When you opt for a pro shop visit, plan your schedule accordingly. The oil extraction process can take around an hour and a half. That’s a good time to ask the shop’s professionals for tips on your throwing technique, or shop for new bowling accessories.

If leagues are bowling, watching others play and asking questions while you wait, is time well spent. For the small investment of time, you get a significant improvement in your ball’s performance.

Your Own Personal Ball Cleaning Machine

Now you can own your own ball cleaning machine to remove the oil from your ball. The Nuball Bowling Ball Rejuvenator will make it easy to keep your ball in like new condition. People rave about how well it works and cleaning the machine is a breeze. You can put your ball in the machine and come back later to an oil free ball.

After the cleaning, with a freshly polished and rejuvenated bowling ball, you will likely observe a newfound consistency and precision in your game. The ball will hook more consistently, allowing you to make adjustments with greater confidence.

This restored performance is the prime reward for your patience and dedication to maintaining your equipment.

Maintaining Your Bowling Ball’s Prime Condition

Effective maintenance is not just cosmetic appeal, It’s about sustaining your bowling ball in peak condition for as long as possible. I recommend establishing a meticulous routine, tailored to both the bowling ball’s needs and your usage patterns.

Keen observation plays an essential role. Keep an eye out for changes in your ball’s behavior on the lanes. When it stops reacting on the lanes, it may be time for a hot water bath. After 30 games or so, consider a trip to the pro shop for a more profound treatment.

Regular cleaning may seem like a chore, but its benefits are undeniable. A well-maintained ball not only performs consistently but also extends the life of your equipment. You have spent a lot of money on that bowling ball, why not protect your investment.

And of course, you can’t overstate the pleasure of watching your ball glide smoothly down the lane and crushing the pins. THAT’S the true reward for your diligence in maintenance, a reflection of the care you invest in your bowling passion.

A clean ball really is a happy ball on the lanes. Regular care will not only preserve the ball’s pristine condition but will also do wonders for your confidence in its performance. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive bowler, good ball maintenance will keep you and your bowling ball striking shot after shot.

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4 thoughts on “Bowling Ball Maintenance Tips – Things You Should Know Now!”

  1. This article on bowling ball maintenance tips is a must-read for both novice and experienced bowlers. It’s fantastic to see such comprehensive advice on how to care for your bowling ball and ensure it performs at its best. The tips on cleaning, storage, and the importance of regular maintenance are particularly helpful. Great job on providing this valuable resource for the bowling community! 🎳

    • Hi Moriah,

      Glad you liked the article. A lot of bowlers do not care for their bowling balls properly, and then they are complaining that the ball quit hooking. You can avoid most of that by cleaning your ball after each match. Then an occasional hot water bath will do wonders. 

      But eventually these new high tech bowling balls will need resurfaced. It is just the nature of the beast nowadays, because they want to sell more bowling balls! Some people just buy a brand new ball after about 60 games! I guess they have money to burn.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!


  2. Fantastic article on bowling ball maintenance! Regular cleaning after each session is vital for optimal performance and longevity. The accumulation of lane oil and debris can significantly impact hook potential and consistency. Additionally, storing your ball in a cool, dry environment away from extreme temperatures helps maintain its reaction on the lanes. 

    I’m curious, what methods do you use to clean your bowling ball, and how frequently do you perform maintenance? Are there any other maintenance tips or tricks you’ve found effective that weren’t covered in the article? Sharing experiences and insights can help fellow bowlers enhance their game and prolong the life of their equipment. Let’s keep the discussion rolling!

    • Hi Chris,

      Glad you liked the article. You seem to be aware of the problems that affect your bowling ball. So, what do I do?

      First off, I wipe the ball every time with a Microfiber Towel, unless the lanes are already dry or have been bowled on, then I might stop wiping the ball completely. But, when we finish bowling, I religiously spray the ball with ball cleaner, I use a sponge I keep in a plastic storage bag to keep wet from the last bowling outing. I rub the cleaner all over the ball and let it sit for about 30 secs. Then I wipe it off with a clean towel each time I bowl. It is squeaky clean.

      After the ball gets say 6 or 8 games on it, I give it a hot water bath, to deep clean the ball. As the ball gets more games on it, I resurface it myself and take the nicks and scratches out, and also clean the ball with hot water every week eventually. My pro shop told me that I get the longest ball longevity of anyone. It is a chore! 

      I highly recommend the Nuball Bowling Ball Rejuvenator to make the task easier. 

      There you have it, my method of keeping my ball like new for as long as possible!

      Thanks for such great questions and taking the time to leave a comment. If you have any more questions, just leave them below.



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