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Bowling Without a Thumb — 8 Comments

  1. Ive been using the no-thumb, one hand release for 4 years now because I couldn’t get any hook using my thumb. I had around a 165-170 average up until I just got a new ball. My old ball I was using the fingertip grips and it was a very aggressive ball so I had a hard time keeping down the hook and always left the 10 pin. My new ball is less aggressive, reduced the weight by a pound and don’t have fingertip inserts. so my fingers are inserted further. I’ve only been using it a month but my average hasn’t been below 180 which is a major upgrade. The main reason is because now I have more of my finger inserted which helps a ton with control and accuracy. Combine that with a less aggressive ball and its much easier to adjust to all lane conditions.

    • Hi Tony,
      That is awesome! It is amazing how much more turn you can get without using the thumb! You made two great choices! As long as you come out of the ball clean, then deeper fingers would help control the ball! You have me ready to try it!…Lol, not really! But, you never know! I love to hear stories like this, Congrats, Tony!
      Best of luck with your bowling,and thanks for taking the time to comment! Please come back!

  2. ive alwats bowled thumbless ive tried to hook with the thumb just cant get it but my avg has gone up alot since ive been on leauge ive learnd how to control it even slow it down on my ten pin i have to use a straight ball but hell it works lol

    • Hi William,
      I have seen bowlers do well with thumbless bowling. If you like it, do it! Using the straight ball for ten pins isa good idea. I have seen a few learn to spin the ball more and allow it to go straighter for ten pins. Tricky to do, using the plastic ball is much easier to do.
      Thanks for commenting!Good luck!

    • Hi Denis,
      What an advantage huge hands are! I have a friend who is a giant of a man, and the bowling ball looks like a softball in his hand.His throw is effortless! He also scores very well, using the two finger fingertips and a thumb. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Glad to have found this technique. I don’t bowl often but when I am at the alley I always see people winging crazy curves without their thumb. I’ve never felt super confident to try this because I feel like I have no control without using my thumb. After reading this article I can tell it will take some practice but will be worth it to throw more strikes and win some beers off the guys! Thanks!

    • Hi Justin,
      It a technique that’s been around awhile for sure, and the two handed bowlers are making it more popular than ever. I have not tried the thumbless bowling myself, but I see more and more people trying it.I agree with you, control would definitely be the problem. It is also a technique that would be for the younger bowlers for sure. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you win lots of beers!

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