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Do back braces for bowling really help? My back issues require me to wear a back brace. The brace protects my back and prevents me from experiencing a sore back the next day. If you have this problem, then maybe this article will help you. I hope after reading it you will be able to answer the question with a Yes, and know why.

Always Ask Your Doctor First About Using Back Braces For Bowling

Always speak to your doctor first and ask if a back support might help you. It helps me to have more support to avoid injury and relieve pain. Be sure that your doctor tells you a brace will not cause you any further injury.

My issue is Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and some bulging discs. I like to bowl, but the repeated motion aggravates my SI joint and a back brace helps to prevent pain.

I personally know how back pain can quickly end your game and stop you from doing what you love to do. My experience with using back braces for bowling has been rewarding for me, and I hope to make it just as rewarding for you.

My goal is to help everyone I can by telling them how much this has helped me continue to bowl pain free and in comfort. All I can tell you, is just try it. If I can help just one person, then I have accomplished my goal in writing this article. Let me start by telling which brace I use.

 The Back Braces For Bowling I like To Use


Mueller Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Braces For Bowling

Back Braces for Bowling- Lumbar Back Brace

Support and WARMTH

This is a brace I wear quite often. It has a flannel lined polyester belt that provides warmth

to your back as you move. It keeps your back from tightening up as you bowl, while providing support. Warm-up stretches help, but for real support, you need a back brace for bowling.


  • Allows you to move easily and comfortably.
  • Can be worn under loose clothing
  • The dual straps allow you to adjust comfort level.
  • Velcro fasteners keep straps tight for compression.
  • It is designed to avoid slipping.
  • Washable by hand washing and air drying.


  • Sizing could be a bit small. Order larger if overweight.
  • Warm to wear in warm room temperatures.

Nobody Will Ever Know You Are Wearing It

I wear this brace under my clothes, and that allows me to be discrete and comfortable. I can accomplish this in several ways. The most comfortable for me is to wear elastic shorts or cord tied sweat pants. The wide elastic waist bands work best for a snug comfortable fit.

I prefer these because it is easier for me to move in loose fitting garments. A good elastic waistband provides just enough hold to keep everything from slipping. However,just in case, I like having the cord tie in the waistband as well. That is my preference and it may not be yours.

A Warm Back is a Happy Back

As I said, this brace holds in some body heat and may make you warm. It mostly depends upon your level of activity. But, for bowling, it works quite well. I like to wear shorts because they allow for the most freedom of movement and they work for me.

I also can wear jeans or docker style pants with a belt around my waist for extra support. In fact you may prefer wearing a belt if slipping occurs. I did have to buy a slightly bigger waist size pair of jeans(and belt). I actually purchased the brace and wore it to the store to get the correct fit in my jean size. Remember to allow for the shrinkage after the jeans are washed.

I can then wear the Back Brace low on my lower back where it helps me the most. Simply pull the waistband up over the brace, tighten up snugly and you are good to go.

I also prefer to wear a long tailed shirt to go below the waist to cover the (support lines) that may show. This is more apparent when wearing the jeans. I recommend you try a few practice games at the bowling alley, before you try wearing the back support in league play.

This allows you some time to get used to the support and make any adjustments. You can find the tightness and comfort level you like. You can try shorts and long pants and decide what you prefer.

The Copper Fit Back Pro Back Braces for Bowling

This is the brace that Brett Farve and Jerry Rice advertise on TV. The Copper Fit includes the Copper infused into the webbing. As you might know copper is believed to be helpful with arthritis pain relief. I have not personally tried this back support.

I have tried other Copper Fit products and had mixed success. Amazon has 16 Positive and 17 critical reviews of this product. It is fairly mixed on good and bad. You be the judge.



  • Copper Fit Brand is well known
  • Preferred by some
  • Provides Support
  • Has repeat buyers
  • Comfortable


  • Made small Order bigger size
  • May Be Too Flexible for firm support
  • Could be hard to wear under clothing

It also could be worn under loose fitting clothing, and I would think it will be warm if you are active and indoors, it may even be too warm. I try to dress as casual as possible when I wear the back braces for bowling, but I do perspire some.

It is a give and take, if your back hurts, then try wearing a back brace. It just might work well enough for you to enjoy life a little more!

Back Braces For Bowling Additional Product Information

My back had me worried that I may do more harm if I continued bowling. So, I asked my doctor if I should stop bowling to protect my back. He promptly told me No! That is exactly what they did not want me to do.

I was told by my doctors that bowling was good exercise and if it didn’t bother me to continue to do it. Wearing a brace was a good idea to prevent any more injury, so that is what I did. To this day,I am glad I did. If your back feels sore, maybe a lighter ball will help. Read my article [ A Lighter Bowling Ball May Help You]

It simply came down to living life, or sitting at home and not getting as active as  should.It is a no-brain er. We need to get out, exercise and enjoy life as much as we possibly can.

But, always ask your doctor first.

Exercise is good for us. In fact, exercise and stretching are considered therapy for most forms of arthritis. So, if your doctor thinks you might be helped by a back brace, then why not try one?

Back Braces For Bowling With Steel Supports

I have not tried every back brace on the market, but I have tried quite a few. I personally favor braces with steel supports. They give you support where you need it. This brace sounds quite interesting.

Mueller Back Brace With Added Steel Supports For Extra Support

This brace is designed for extra support. It has over 3000 reviews! The majority of customers are well pleased with the support it gave the back. 65% give it 5 star approval rating. I will definitely give this one a try on my next purchase.


  • Lumbar pad is removable.
  • Adds comfortable compression and cushioning to the lower back.
  • Stainless steel spinal support.
  • Molded form inlay prevents bunching and sagging.
  • Dual elastic tension straps for adjustment.
  • Different sizes are available.


  • It may feel a bit bulky.
  • Might be hard to wear under clothing.
  • May not be enough support for extremely bad backs.
  • Likely uncomfortable for extended periods.

This brace may also help when driving as well. I know long periods of driving are uncomfortable when you have a bulging or herniated disk.

Check With Your Doctor Before Using Back Braces For Bowling

My doctor had no problem with me using any type of stretch bands and exercises that did not require a total weight lifting regime. Check with your doctor as well, and be sure it is not going to injure you in anyway. This is like a gentle REHAB program for your injury.

If I have helped anyone with some relief for their back pain, then I have accomplished what I tried to do Maybe I have helped to make your bowling a little more enjoyable! I would love to hear your story, please let me know if you have any questions or want to let me know how the braces or exercises helped. Thanks for stopping by, and please come back!


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  1. This is just amazing. I really impressed with these braces and I wonder specially after knowing these braces are perfect for bowling . Thanks for sharing this in a detailed way.

    • Hi Claire,
      Glad to share anything that works! If you bowl, and suffer from back pain, they definitely help.Try one.
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. This is fantastic. I personally very crazy about bowling but from past few months I’m unable to play regularly due to my back. Your article helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing such an informative stuff.

    • Hi Jon,
      Great to hear! I have struggled with a bad back for years, so I know the braces help a lot! You are welcome, and i’m glad to hear I helped someone out!Thanks for letting me know!Good luck with your bowling!


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