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Why Bowling Balls Crack? — 4 Comments

    • Hi AnnA,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and ask such a good question. You don’t have any control over how your ball is drilled, unless you specifically tell the driller to be careful not to get them to close or angle the holes towards each other, but he should already know this.I can tell you a few pointers to protect your ball from cracking. First of all,keep you ball in a controlled environment and avoid drastic changes in temperature.Sometimes high temperatures can cause a ball to crack, such as leaving a ball in the car trunk in the heat of summer.However, some balls have been reported to crack while sitting in a controlled environment without any drastic heat change.So sometimes they crack all by themselves, and their is nothing that anyone has done to cause it.then, I believe it falls back on to the manufacturing process.Thank you for asking such a good question, and I hope you continue to visit my website.

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    • Hi Hagop,
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