I Liked The Bad Intentions Bowling Ball – [But Now Retired!]

The Bad Intentions bowling ball by hammer implies a sinister awesome hooking bowling ball. It might be the next ball I add to my bag. After watching others use it, I think I may get one!

Update: I did add this ball to my bowling arsenal, and enjoyed it for several years.

It was a ball I really liked and one of the smoothest balls I ever owned.

I tried the ball drilled pin under and changed it back to my pin over layout. The pin under seemed to be a bit too tame for a heavier oil condition.

But, overall I would say I liked the smoothness of a symmetric core.

Watch this video below and see what you think.

Update: This Ball Is No Longer Available – It Has Been Retired!

Bad Intentions Bowling Ball – A Smooth Rolling Ball

I am impressed with the smoothness of hook and continued power thru the pins, so I have to open a spot in my bowling bag for this one. The matte finish cover may be a bit strong for the house shot at my local alley, but I am sure it would work well on the sport shot.

I expect a start on the fresh oil of the house pattern will be possible, since the league is a medium- oil shot. But when the lanes start to dry,  I will need to switch to a ball with less surface.

I will try a pin under drill to allow for a bit of a move to play closer to the 12 board instead of say out 15 boards, or a polished surface for more length.

The Symmetrical Core2 images- one of intact Bad intentions ball, one a cut-away showing the core inside.

This Symmetrical Core is the same deal as the Bad Ass, which was the first R- rated ball from hammer. It was also the first symmetrical core that hammer produced since 2008-09.

What I find interesting is this block is a throwback to the old blue hammer core. It was undeniably one of my favorites years ago.

So,am I hoping for a return of my old blue hammer reaction? Yes, but not exactly. The path of this ball looks fairly similar, with the difference of better control of the hook coming off the break point.

Was The Blue Hammer Reaction The Same?

The old Blue Hammer was and still is a ball that was well liked and enjoyed by quite a few bowlers. I still see a few bowlers using it to this day, and hammer still offers it for sale.

It is a ball that was good on the oil, but got wicked on the dry lanes and forced a move.

However, you could read the move coming,as the lanes broke down.And that is exactly what I liked about the old Blue Hammer. I just hope that same read is possible with the Bad Intentions.

It Has The Same Core But A Different Coverstock

I am intrigued by the infusion of carbon fiber into both balls.The main difference is the cover of the Bad Ass had a shine, the cover of the Bad Intentions does not. One look at the core, it is clear that it is symmetrical, and you can expect a nice smooth roll.

Bad Intentions Bowling Ball - Image Of The Bad Ass Bowling Ball As A Comparison

Bad Intentions Bowling Ball Has A Smooth Roll

I am impressed after watching several videos on the smoothness and consistent reaction of both the Bad Ass as well as the Bad Intention. Both balls hold the line nicely. The core block is delivering a smooth consistent path to the pins and delivering plenty of power through the pins.

The core is the same in both balls. Both balls are reactive solids, but the cover on the Bad Intentions is more aggressive. Hammer named this cover “Juiced Extreme”.

The difference from what I can see, is they left the ball dull and took the Factory Finish shine off the ball, hence the “Jucied Extreme” name. This allows it to start the hook sooner, and makes the ball a bit earlier off the break point.

Carbon Fiber for Increased Durability

Carbon is the stuff diamonds are made of. So, I am expecting this ball to have increased durability.They are offering a 3yr limited warranty with this ball, almost unheard of in the bowling ball industry.

I know I have had to replace balls almost every year, with the new high tech balls. It is becoming a fact that as they get games on them they just seem to lose that carry they had when they were like new.

My hope is that this ball will not disappoint, and with some warranty on the ball, maybe it will last a bit longer. I have heard players claim the ball does not seem to need the constant cleaning other balls do. I hope that is the case, because I for one get tired of the ball cleaning chore.

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I liked this ball for the most part, but it really seemed to die and stop hooking after awhile. And It would quickly collect a lot of oil. It needed cleaned all the time. But the ball is no longer available and is now retired, so all this is now history!

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