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  1. I’ve been trying to get better at bowling. It’s interesting that using a glove can be so beneficial for that! Maybe that’s something that I should try out. It would be good to be able to protect my fingers.

    • Hi Braden,
      I would tell anyone to try it, but make sure you understand what you are getting into. It takes a whole new drill, and you will get the typical ribbing from the local pro shop. You need the drillers help! It costs a few bucks, and it was an experiment for me. The main problem is you will wear out gloves, and have replacement expense. I used a golfers glove and they are not very durable. I have since gone back to my finger inserts. My issues were arthritis and hand strength, I hold the ball down, so it required a tighter grip on the ball with a glove. So, for that style it doesn’t work as well. I sure did love the feel! But, the downside there is the glove reduces that natural feel when things aren’t working on that night when you are struggling. And if you use a plastic spare ball, then you have to decide if you are going to stay with the glove on spares or take the glove off…2 different feels and drills.

      So, I suggest you try it on one older ball, and see if you like it. Try it for a few game series and see what you think. I did keep all my other good stuff(including the spare ball) drilled normal, without the glove, while I did my glove experimenting with just one ball.

      I am told that baseball batters gloves work better.It is best to do your glove shopping early in the season before they sell out of popular glove sizes. Hope that helps! Good luck!


  2. what a thrilling adventure. I was really with you when you first tried your new ball out. I have never thought about retapping the holes on a bowling ball. this makes sense though as the shape would be different depending where you mounted your hand.

    I love bowling but am an amateur for sure. I have to say I was interested from the title and while I won’t be getting a bowling ball re-tapped I do want to see about using a glove. just makes sense.

    Was it expensive to have the ball re-tapped?

    there something awesome about a cool looking bowling ball. I like the shine.

    • Hi Darren,
      I am glad you felt like you were along for the ride when I tried my new drilling! It was fun for sure and a journey I am glad I took!
      The redrilled ball still fits your hand the same way with the same span distance between thumb and fingers, but what the new lay-out does is change the way the core or block inside the ball changes the path of the ball. It does that by rotating on a different axis. Kinda like if it were a brick inside, and you changed it to roll end over end, when it was just rolling over and over on its side before.

      If you wanted to try using a glove to bowl, you would have to have the ball drilled with bigger holes for the fingers anyway, I cut off the thumb because it helps give you a better feel of the grip on the ball.
      Here in the U.S. my local pro shop charges about $30 to $50 dollars(US) to change the drilling, depending upon the inserts that you want to use in the ball. I like all three, thumb and 2 fingers.
      Those shiny balls are usually what they refer to as a pearl coverstock, I use the dull finish myself…Just my preference.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Darren. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

  3. Hi,
    I enjoyed to read your story about finding the right glove to fit your hands and work around your injury. I myself do not bowl, but I do hiking with a weak knee, I understand the process of finding equipment that helps you keep doing what you love. Is the glove still doing its job for you?
    If I was you I would add a couple of pictures, maybe of the glove and you bowling. I just like to break the content up a little more.
    You have a great site here.

    • Hi Brian,

      I am glad you enjoyed the story. It was a process for sure, to get the ball drilled correctly and use the glove. Using the glove was the most comfortable feel for my fingers, and was a joy to use. I found that I did have some problems with getting the hook on the ball that I wanted.I also found that the glove wears out fairly quickly.So, just for the economic factor alone, I came up with a bit easier remedy I am trying now, and may do my next article on what I did. I like the pictures idea, thank you. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  4. Oh my gosh! I’ve never thought about using a glove before. It sounds like it frees people to explore their own abilities and like it did the same for you. Not that you are elderly but I have some elderly friends who love bowling and maybe this glove can help them to bowl better and enjoy it more. Thank you for this beautiful education.

    • Hi Tracey, Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you like the idea of bowling with a glove. It is very comfortable, and takes some changes to your ball, but in the end it is worth it. I am not a spring chicken myself, but elderly and people who get blisters easily, or have tenderness from injuries, and like to bowl should consider it. If their is a drawback, it tends to wear out gloves, instead of your fingers! I am glad you like the article, and if you have any questions,by all means shoot me an email!

  5. The theme of your site looks really awesome! A great site with much to offer 🙂 If I had to give a suggestion I would simplify your site. It is really a lot of content and readers like it simple and clean 🙂 add some more pages if you like.

    I really love bowling so a great website in my opinion
    Thanks for the article,


    • Hi Gregg,

      I am glad you liked the theme and the site.I do try to keep the content as straight forward and simple as possible.I like to present fresh and interesting points that viewers like yourself would find interesting and useful in some way. I do plan to add more pages and some products in the future that bowlers like yourself might want to know about. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I will try to make the readers experience as enjoyable as I can.

      Thank You,


  6. Great article here!

    I want to get back into bowling but currently cannot find the time for it. I used to average about 175 in league.. and had high games of 267 and 258.. That was around the time where I was not only bowling my best, but also practicing almost daily.. Like anything in life, if you don’t use it you lose it!! Haha, since then I have bowled sporadically.. But my question is..

    Could you recommend a good ball? I feel like a beginner again, so I suppose I would need something along those lines.. My ball speed ranges from 11-14 mph, and I guess I would be a “stroker” … gradual hook. I can sometimes get an aggressive hook, but it’s few and far between..

    I had been using the Morich Solid LevRg for awhile.. and while a great ball, my style isn’t conducive, or I just never mastered how to throw it properly. At one time I could throw it pretty decently, but again.. that’s when I was always practicing..

    Any advice would be helpful!


    • Hi Stu,

      Glad you liked the article, and thanks for stopping by. I actually had a Morich LevRg( older red one) myself, so I can tell you my experience with that ball. I am assuming your drill was like mine, pin over the fingers, and cg at 5 o’clock, finger tip with inserts or not? That is a fairly standard medium hook drill, and fingertip with inserts gives you a bit more hook if you didn’t have them. I found that ball to be a bit touchy, and had a hard time with it, so it ended up in the locker at the bowling alley, and finally I just gave it away.

      That daily practice is the key for me too! I will do that myself to get my game back in shape too. I average 205, so I’m not the house pro by any means, but I will tell you this. I just tried my first Motiv ball, the Forza, and I am impressed! I would recommend that ball to anyone who wants some hook, and control. I am going to do a review on that one here shortly,I am hearing Its a great ball. I know at least 30 people have got one at our local alley, and opinion is very good, people like it.That ball is a symmetrical core also which is what gives you(some exceptions) a nice smooth controlled arc to the pocket, but has some snap at the end. When 30 people buy the same ball, it’s a good one.Take a look at the Bad Intentions reviews I did,it is a symmetrical core.


      It is a solid cover also and has some strong finish to it, but it does settle down some after 20-30 games. It is one of the only balls left still made in the good old USA. And they tell me it doesn’t drink up the oil and need a lot of deep cleaning too, which is great! I think you won’t go wrong with that ball, and if it does finish a bit too strong after 30 games, you can shine that ball to give it some length down the lane.It appears to be lasting well also, just clean it after bowling right away, don’t let the oil sit on it and soak in! You will get longer life and better results.

      The Morich levRg series is also an asymmetrical core, I believe, and that gives some erratic flip to the pocket. I had my best luck with mine when the lanes dried out, and you had to throw that rocket to the pocket to keep it from hooking too much(15-16 mph). I am getting a bit old for that at 63 and I throw about 12-14mph myself. I hope that helps, and if you have any questions, I will be glad to tell you what I know. Thanks again, and good luck.


  7. Hi Chas,

    You must be a pro bowler to come up with such nice analysis and ideas. I am playing bowling too-for fun only- and I can relate to your points as you explained it clearly.

    Your website looks new. I was trying to find the about me page to know more about you but I can’t. I know you can work to improve your site appearance and navigation later. Some portions are not easy to read because the text are blue and the background is also blue.

    Your niche is nice and unique and you are really good at it. I am sure more visitors will be coming to your site soon.

    • Hi rule2020,

      No, not a pro at all, but I do enjoy it! Actually, a lot comes from necessity to try to correct things for my self and improve my game, and pass on to others what I found out. My goal is to provide others with some ideas on improving their game. I will change that blue, and see if it helps.The about me tab is on the right on top menu, maybe I should move that somewhere else. Thanks for the compliments, I hope I can continue being unique, and improving it overall.


  8. Hi Chas, nice page and not too long.
    I have played 10 pin bowling many times so know where you are coming from.
    I’ve no idea how big the market is out there for this sport but you have possibly created a niche which may get you traffic. Lets hope so.
    I did notice one typo; last line in 4th paragraph, i think it instead of I.
    Otherwise its perfect

    • Hi Damo,

      Thank you. I enjoy bowling, so it is easier to write about what you enjoy. I hope I have found a little niche, and look to add woocommerce eventually. Thanks for the heads up on the typo, I always seem to miss that one! I will correct it.Thanks again,


  9. Website is looking good. It is always best to include the video somewhere at the center of the content. It is always best to edit the content with more “readable” headlines in between. Visitors don’t take the time to read each and every word you write. They simply browse through your site. In order to improve your conversions, it is better to beautify your overall content. Secondly, please include a good logo for your website. Overall, you are doing a great job.

    • Hi Shivaram,

      Thank You. I did not know that! I will change it. I was debating headlines this time, so now I know. i will add headlines. Yes, I need a logo, i honestly was trying to do that this morning and have a bit to learn about how to do that. I found this very helpful and thank you again,


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