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The Mental Game in Bowling — 4 Comments

  1. I understand the importance of focus, but I find it tough to stay focused and have fun with your friends at the same time. The laughs with buddies helps being relaxed and enjoy the evening, but it also is a huge distraction, which weakens the focus. Finding the perfect balance between focus and having fun is challenging. Any tips on that?

    • Hi Paul,
      I think you should go into your local bowling alley and ask for a lane beside 4 or 5 kids bowling. Then, spend a few hours concentrating on your game while they run up on you, and slam balls around while you are trying to bowl.When you are out with friends and having fun, focus will be a piece of cake.

  2. I like that you pointed out that you should always stay positive when you are bowling. I know I wouldn’t want to get angry while trying to have fun while bowling. So, it does seem like a good thing to remember.

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