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Cupping The Wrist in Bowling For More Hook — 2 Comments

  1. My technique is a Brooklyn bowler. I never try to put any hook or spin on the ball. I tend to want as little movement with the ball rotation as possible. Would cupping the wrist or having a flat wrist work better for my style? or should I just learn how to actually hook n curve the ball?

    • Hi Kurtis,

      If you don’t want any hook, then cupping the wrist is not what you want. You want a flat wrist and to stay directly behind the ball as you release. This will give the ball a forward roll and it will travel straight to the(Brooklyn) pocket with plenty of momentum.

      I personally get quite a few Brooklyn hits when I tug the ball a bit, and I am putting plenty of turn on the ball, and throwing hard using a lighter 14lb ball.

      Now should you ever try to learn to hook the ball, you may discover that you have a bigger area for getting strikes and better pin carry.

      It is your choice. I think their was a Brooklyn bowler in the pros years ago. Maybe look him up in google and see what his style was. Hope that helps.


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