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Bowling Elbow Pain Explained — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Roberto,
    When I hear comments like this, it makes this all worthwhile! So glad to help you! I think if you suffer the problem, you can explain it better. I still to this day wear an elbow brace to protect my elbow. I don’t think I even need it, but I remember the pain like it was yesterday,…it hurts. In fact, my elbow got so bad I asked a doctor for a cortisone shot right into the elbow. Now, for a few seconds I was thinking it was a bad idea,(it hurts a bit), but it worked wonders and cured my years of dealing with pain. My advice…wear the elbow brace! And keep that elbow tucked in!! We used to practice by putting a towel under our arm and keep it there as long as you can till your arm clears your body and you release the ball. One word of caution though, when the towel comes out it falls around the foul line and sets off the foul lights. Years ago, they only had the foul lights during leagues. Now insurance companies require them on all the time. You can practice at home by throwing the football to practice your release using your towel.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

  2. Chas,

    Great article, it helped me A LOT! I’ve been playing for some time, but just started playing in a league and getting used to a reactive ball. Learning to throw it has been quite difficult for me, so I’m still trying different ways to find my throw.

    I drilled a heavier ball (14 lbs, when I’ve always played with a 13 lbs) and started playing with it 2 weeks ago. After last week’s practice I started experiencing a horrible elbow pain. I went to the doctor and he explained the injury (from a doctor’s point of view), but I wanted a bowler’s vision and you gave me the explanation I needed.

    After reading your article, I noticed I am doing ALL the things you mentioned to AVOID (lol): I’m using a heavier ball, I’m making a huge effort to throw faster, I’m throwing with my arm too separated from my body, I was not warming up enough, and so on.

    In the meantime, I decided to rest my elbow for a few weeks and then make corrections on my game. Thanks for your help!

  3. HI Aamir,
    I am no doctor, so I can only tell you what worked for me. I use the elbow brace pictured in the Bowling Elbow Pain Explained article. Wear a brace when you bowl or play cricket. It gives support to the elbow.I also received a cortisone injection into the painful part of my elbow. That also improved my elbow tendonitis. That bandage you speak of is for support of the tendons in the arm where they attach to the elbow. They will fracture and tear from use. If possible, speak to a coach, explain your problem,and ask him to watch you and what form you use. He may be able to correct a problem in your technique that may relieve your pain considerably.I had a distinct problem of bringing my elbow around to the side. Once I corrected that mistake in my form it greatly helped relieve my elbow pain. I hope that helps? Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hello sir
    My name is Aamir I am fast bowler I am Having same elbow Paine​ at that place where Dale steyn is used to bendage his fast bowling arm
    I hat this pain more then year a ago and it still with me I tried may things​ but it disappears for a time being but it came back again when I start bowling again
    And from the consultation of my doctor I stopped​ cricket form two months but when I started​ cricket it gratually come back
    This Paine has nothing effect in my life outside from Cricket this Paine only appare when I am bowling
    Sir tell me please what I do

  5. Hi Carla,
    Well I am not a doctor so I can only tell you what works for me. Sometimes overuse causes elbow pain as well. Using improper techniques to do things like lifting or swinging can as well.
    If my elbow gets sore, I try to rest it, ice it and get some ultrasound treatments. They seem to help me. I have relieved most of my problems by proper technique in bowling. I was the worst for turning my wrist and swinging my elbow out. This put undue stress on the elbow and was my main problem. Once I corrected that, then the elbow pain all but disappeared. Now, I did get pain returning when I did repetitious things like splitting firewood for long periods.

    Wearing the elbow brace was also very effective for me in my bowling game. I still wear it just as a precaution.

    On occasion I have soaked my hands in very warm water with epsom salts for pain relief. That might be worth a try.

    As far as exercises, when I get it healed up, I do use the spring hand grips, and curls to strengthen the forearm, and biceps. I also have a total gym that I can incorporate the whole range of shoulder, arms and torso conditioning that helps with overall conditioning.
    If that pain is persistent, and normal exercise and ultrasound doesn’t help, I would talk to your doctor about pain relieving treatments, such as cortisone shots. But speak to your doctor first.
    Hope that helps!

  6. HI Kevin,

    Bowlers elbow is similar to tennis elbow, the tendons in the arm, close to the elbow get torn and frayed from the repeated movement. it is painful, and your arm get weaker and weaker until you are forced to rest the injury. Whether you would suffer from it depends on the mechanics you use in your motion to deliver the ball. Normally it is caused by some awkward motion or way too much bowling in a short period of time. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. This is an interesting article on bowling elbow. I’ve never heard of bowling elbow before, but it does make sense. I haven’t bowl for years since I’ve had lower back pain from time to time. I can remember bowling and releasing the ball. I definitely wasn’t the best of it. Probably over time, I would have had bowling elbow too.

  8. Hi Mike,

    Glad you liked the article! It is more than bowling that causes elbow injuries for sure. I can see arm injuries in baseball as well from throwing the baseball, whether it be pictures, catchers, infielders, or outfielders.
    As we age injuries tend to be more common as well. You can get more information in my article Health Related Issues in Bowling.

    Even though it is about bowling injuries, it could also pertain to baseball as well. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  9. Chas,

    Great article. Lots of good information. I am a baseball coach and a lot of the information pertains to baseball. I’ve seen a lot of baseball players with arm troubles.

    I’m also a health teacher. I love reading articles like this. The R.I.C.E. treatment is something I go over with my health students every year.

    Thanks for the article,


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