Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 #2 Is My Favorite

Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 will be hitting the lanes, get yours now! Just like in my previous lists, I’ll swiftly add all the newest releases from Storm as soon as they’re unveiled. Expect concise descriptions and insightful details sourced from the latest reviews, giving you a sneak peek into each ball’s performance.

Anticipate a clearer picture of each ball’s performance—I’ll strive to include videos whenever possible. After all, seeing the ball’s shape and its hook potential is key!

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The Latest Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

Storm DNA Coil – Release 3/15/2024 – FREE SHIPPING

Every bowler has their own way of playing, just like each bowling ball has its own special traits. When you figure out your personal bowling style, you expect really good performance from a new ball set up your way.

If you did well with the original DNA ball, setting up the DNA Coil ball the same way gives you a similar start and makes the ball react more for a longer time. It’s perfect for handling different lane conditions as you play.

Here is what Storm has to say about the DNA Coil:

Not every bowler is made the same and not every bowling ball is made the same. As you discover your personal bowling DNA Profile, you can expect this new bowling ball to give you a great read of the midlane. If you drilled the original DNA, try the same layout on your DNA Coil and expect the same early-revving action, but with a longer, more angular ball motion we all look for as the lanes start to break down.

Storm DNA Coil SpecsImage
Perfect scale TBD
RG 2.47/ Differential 0.053
Finish – Polished
Conditions – Medium-Heavy
Ball Motion – Angular
Coverstock – Pearl Reactive / EXO Pearl Reactive
Core –  Asymmetric – Supercoil Core
Flare Potential – High
Mass Bias Diff – 0.023
Fragrance – Blueberry Orange Cake
Performance – Pro Performance[10]
Warranty – 1 year
Release Date – 3/15/24
Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 - Image Of The DNA Coil Bowling Ball
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The Latest Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

Storm Lightning Storm Clear-Release 2/9/2024 FREE SHIPPING

Presenting the Lightning Storm Clear, equipped with a classic three-piece core and a sleek polyester coverstock. This bowling ball brings reliability and predictability to the lanes, making it an excellent choice for both spare enthusiasts and beginners.

Sporting a cool icy blue/white color scheme and a polished 3500-grit finish, it gracefully glides down the lane with subtle finesse. It’s ideal for executing those precise shots needed to conquer challenging spares.

Turn a few heads at the alley with a new spare ball! Makes a great starter ball as well!

Storm Lightning Storm SpecsImage
Perfect scale 5.0
RG 2.69/Differential 0.006
Finish – 3500 Grit Polished
Conditions – Dry
Ball Motion – Straight
Coverstock – Polyester
Core –  Symmetric -3 pc
Flare Potential – low
Performance – Polyester[0]
Durometer – 82-84 Rex
Warranty – 1 year
Release Date – 2/9/2024
Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 - Image Of The Lightning Storm Clear Bowling Ball
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The Latest Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

Storm Absolute Power – Release 1/19/2024 – FREE SHIPPING

Prepare for sheer dominance in one compact dynamo of a bowling ball – behold the Absolute Power from Storm!

Building on the fan-favorite Absolute legacy within Storm Nation, the Absolute Power boasts the R2S Deep Solid reactive coverstock. Polished to perfection with 4000-Grit Abralon, this ball offers superior pin action, ensuring a consistent and precise trajectory. Say hello to your new reliable choice for midlane power!

Under the hood lies the Sentinel asymmetric core, engineered to amplify motion and continuation on medium to heavy lane conditions. This marks Storm’s first single-density asymmetrical core since the Lucid. Its unique angled shape, even post-drilling, elevates the intermediate differential, prompting quicker responsiveness.

Here is what Storm Had to say about the Absolute Power:

The Absolute Power falls in line with what Storm Bowling is known for best: backend reaction. The Absolute Power is the newest addition to the Premier Line in the lineup. It features the Sentinel core surrounded by the beloved R2S Deep Solid Coverstock.This solid version of the Absolute, will give more midlane read while maintaining its confident back-end reaction when compared to the original.
Storm Absolute Power SpecsImage
Perfect scale 236.9
RG 2.48/ Differential 0.050
Finish – Matte/4000-Grit Abralon
Conditions – Medium-Heavy
Ball Motion – Continuous
Coverstock – Solid Reactive / R2S Deep Solid
Core –  Asymmetric – Sentinel
Flare Potential – High
Mass Bias Diff – 0.021
Fragrance – Blueberry Orange Cake
Performance – Pro Performance[10]
Warranty – 1 year
Release Date – 1/19/2024
Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 - Absolute Power bowling ball
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The Latest Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

Storm Summit Peak – Release 1/19/2024 – FREE SHIPPING

Scale new heights in your bowling journey with the Summit Peak by Storm!

Storm’s latest technology takes center stage with the introduction of the TX-23 Pearl reactive coverstock, meticulously polished with Reacta-Gloss. This cutting-edge formulation, evolved from the TX-16, promises heightened responsiveness on medium lane conditions.

Beneath the surface resides the Centripetal HD weight block coupled with the A.I. (Amplified Inertia) outer core, delivering an invigorated and sharply angular backend motion.

Here is what Storm had to say about the Summit Peak

The Summit Peak is unlike anything else in your bag. Utilizing a pearl version of the TX-23, along with the performance-proven A.I. Core Technology, this bowling ball is certain to become a “must have” by bowlers of all skill levels.
Storm Summit Peak SpecsImage
Perfect Scale 226.9
RG 2.46/ Differential 0.056
Finish – Polished / Reacta Gloss
Conditions – Medium
Ball Motion – Angular
Coverstock – Pearl Reactive / TX-23
Core –  Symmetric / Centripetal HD – A.I.
Performance – High Performance[8]
Flare Potential – High
Warranty – 1 Year
Release Date – 1/19/2024
Storm Bowling Ball New Releases - Summit Peak Bowling ball
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The Latest Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

To keep you ball investment in top condition, you have to keep it clean. Wiping the ball before every pitch with a good clean Microfiber Towel, helps to remove oil and  keep the pores open.

Keeping the ball clean, keeps the reaction consistent. After a three game series, the ball should be cleaned with a good ball cleaner. Click here to find all your favorite ball cleaners and polishes. 

However, if you bowl 3  or more times a week, you may need some extra help. The pro shop will offer to rejuvenate your ball with a through cleaning for about $25. They do this using either heat or a hot water bath to clean the ball. Now you can do this at home.

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