Two Handed Bowlers And Young PBA Stars Reveal Their Secrets

Two Handed Bowlers And Young PBA Stars is something I have been asked about more than once, so, I decided to write an article on what I found. Each year more and more bowlers are trying to learn the two handed bowling style. Consequently, they are looking for tips on the two handed style. 

As I was browsing the web to see what I might find, I discovered some interesting highlights and facts about the success of some younger two handed PBA stars. So, I will share some two handed bowling tips that I found, along with some interesting highlights and  success of the young PBA two handed bowlers.

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Two Handed Bowlers And Young PBA Stars – Jason Belmonte’s Tips

It seems fitting to start with one of the two handed bowlers that inspired many young bowlers to learn how to bowl two handed, Jason Belmonte.

Jason Belmonte

Jason Belmonte is a Professional PBA bowler from Australia,  who was one of the first to introduce the two handed bowling style to the Professional Bowling Circuit. He joined the PBA in 2008 and has won 18 PBA tour titles, 9 majors and is a 4 time PBA player of the year.

Jason first started bowling incredibly at 18 months old, and had to use two hands to push the ball down the lane. At just 3 years old he was competing and at age 4 he won his first event.

Jason has been responsible for many young bowlers emulating his bowling style.As a result more and more bowlers are becoming successful at the two handed style of bowling.

Equipment Jason likes to use – Storm Bowling balls

Jason’s Ball Weight 

  • Uses a 15 lb ball – He feels comfortable with it and sees no reason to change.

Types Of Bowling Balls Jason Uses

  • Bowling in the 2018 Tournament of Champions, Jason’s arsenal was:
  • Drive (Storm)- hook 8.5- Hybrid reactive
  • Pitch Black(Storm) – 3.5 – Urethane
  • Hy-Road Nano(Storm) – hook 8.0 – Solid Reactive

Jason has his own website . Along with his website, Jason offers question and answer video’s on Facebook and Youtube. Here is a shared video of Jason.

Jason Belmonte shares 5 Key Skills

What Are Jason’s 5 Key Skill Tips? – Here They Are! 

  1. Balance – Jason explains how he maintains his balance on each shot. “When you deliver your ball, anchor with the trail leg, stay still until your ball hits the pins.” Always think less is more, cut back a little and don’t overkill. Don’t try to break the pins with every shot. By doing less, it makes repeating the same shot much easier.
  2. How to Focus After Three Bad Shots- You will hear more distractions when this happens. You can’t allow yourself to get angry. Focus is key! Use your pre-shot routine to keep your focus on the next shot. Getting angry will keep you from focusing.
  3. Dealing With Haters – Jason has dealt with haters all his life, and learned how to deal with them.” You need to focus on what make YOU happy, not everyone else.” Why are you bowling? Use it as motivation to make you get better. learn to do the things they say you can’t do.
  4. Wipe Out a Bad Shot – Stop thinking about why did I miss that spare. Never give up! Turn that bad switch off! Believe you are the best bowler in the house. You can come back. Keeping those emotions in check comes with maturity. Try to just let a tiny bit out, then settle down and focus.
  5. Avoiding Mistakes That Cost You Games – Everything happens for a reason. Watch your ball travel the whole way off the deck. You need to understand your equipment, and why you are getting the result you are getting. Ask yourself, why did that just happen? Understand why that pin stood will give you your Answer.When deciding whether to move or change balls, Jason likes to try a move first, before changing balls. If you know your equipment, then you know what move to make.

Thank You Jason For Those Great Tips

The true beauty of these tips, is that they can  be applied to anyone’s bowling game, whether you bowl one or two handed.But, they have to be applied and practiced until they become a habit! That is where the hard work come in, practice, practice, practice.

You can find some basic tips in my previous article Two Handed Bowling Technique

Here is Jason bowling yet another televised 300, number 21!

PBA Televised 300 Game 21 for Jason Belmonte

Image of Jason Belmonte's video For Bowling His 21St Televised 300 Game

Storm Bowling Balls New Releases 

Two Handed Bowlers Young PBA Stars

Here are some of the rising PBA bowling stars.

Anthony Simonsen 

Anthony Simonsen – is an American Professional Bowler from Little Elm, Texas. He joined the PBA in 2014 at age 17, and has won 5 PBA Tour Titles and a European Bowling Tour (EBT) Tile.

At the young age of 22, Anthony has already made his mark in bowling in only 5 short years. This young man is talented enough to match the success of Jason Belmonte, and maybe more, time will tell. Everyone thinks Anthony is incredibly mature for such a young age.

Anthony Simonsen quit school in his freshman year and eventually decided to try a career in bowling. He joined the PBA at sixteen. He won the 2016 USBC Masters Final and became the youngest bowler ever to win a PBA major title.

2016 USBC Masters Final

Image of Video Of The 2016 Masters Stepladder Finals

PBA World Championship Finals

Anthony Simonsen bowls a huge game to clinch fifth seed for the PBA World Championship Finals and throws his last spare using only one hand.

Image Of PBA World Championship When Anthony Simonsen Bowls His Huge Game

Mike Aulby Loses Youngest Player Title to Anthony Simonsen

On June 16th 1979, Mike Aulby won the PBA National Championship. At the age of 19 years – 83 days, Mike became the youngest player ever to win a major title.

On February 14, 2016, Anthony Simonsen wins the 2016 USBC Masters Championship at the age of 19 years and 39 days, and becomes the youngest bowler to win a major title.

2016 USBC Masters Championship

Image of Anthony Simonsen Behind The Scenes At The 2016 Masters Championship

Anthony Simonsen Uses a Back-up Throw And Wins Title

Here Anthony throws a back-up shot to win the PBA 2018 Gene Carters Championship. Occasionally, Anthony had thrown this back up shot in a few matches.

He just recently had practiced the shot hoping to use it sometime in competition. Just a few days later, struggling on the right side, Anthony used his back up delivery, and won the match. He did it using a urethane ball.

2018 PBA Gene Carter's Championship


I think Anthony is a truly gifted athlete to be able to command two different delivery styles and win with both! I look forward to watching many  more exciting matches from Anthony.

Roto Grip Bowling Balls Newest Releases

Jesper Svenson

Jesper Svenson – Born in Sweden, Jesper is a two handed bowler using a dominant left hand delivery.

He joined the PBA in 2014 and also bowls on the EBT European Bowling Tour. Jesper has won 7 PBA Titles( 1 major), and 6 EBT Titles.

He is the youngest player to win the 2016 PBA Tournament of Champions at 20 years old.

He also was the first player to have 5 titles by 21 years of age. Until, Anthony Simonsen joined him with 5 titles also at 21 years old. Jesper is 23, 1 year older than Anthony (22)

Type of Bowling Balls

What Svensson likes to use – Storm/Roto Grip – Urethane

Jesper Svensson becomes the youngest player to win the 2016 Tournament of Champions.In the 2016 match, Jesper’s arsenal included;

  • Alpha Crux – Hook 9.5 – Reactive – (retired)
  • Phaze – Hook 8.0 – Pearl Reactive –  (retired)
  • Fight – Hook 6.0 – Solid Reactive –  (retired)
  • Ride – Hook 4.0 – Hybrid Reactive –  (retired)
  • Pitch Black – Hook 3.5 – Urethane – Available

2016 Tournament of Champions

2016 Tournament Of Champions for Two Handed Bowling Tips

In the 2018 Tournament of champions Jespers arsenal was:

  • Storm Pitch Black – hook – 3.5 – Urethane
  • Roto Grip – Hot Cell – hook 6.0 – Urethane

2018 PBA Tournament of Champions

2018 PBA Tournament Of Champions For Two Handed Bowling Tips

Jesper loses the final match to Matt O’Grady – 193 to 207. Matt beat two of the best two-handed bowlers Jason Belmonte and Jesper Svensson to win the 2018 Tournament of Champions.

The 2019 PBA Oklahoma Open Stepladder Championship

2019 PBA Oklahoma Open Stepladder

Jesper wins the stepladder and advances to the 2019 PBA Tour Oklahoma Open. That match is scheduled for Feb 10th, 2019

Kyle Troup

Kyle Troup – Is an American two hander from Taylorsville, North Carolina with 3 PBA Tour titles to his credit.

He joined the PBA in 2008, but mostly bowled PBA regional events. Recently Kyle has decided to bowl in more PBA tournaments. He won his first PBA tour title in 2015.

Kyle Troup gives us a few quick tips of his own.

PBA Quick Tips From Kyle Troup For Two Handed Bowling Tips

Kyle has a face book page –

Osku Palermaa

Osku Palermaa – was born in Espoo, Finland and presently lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has 13 EBT Titles, 5 PBA titles, and 6 International Titles.

Osku’s  Twitter page –

Osku also uses a right handed dominant, two handed delivery bowling style, He is known for being a very strong bowler. His hard one hand shot for spares has been clocked at over 30 mph. That ball speed is one of the fastest in the world.

This is a great video highlighting some of Osku’s shots that demonstrate the advantage the two handers have with all that force they are generating. You be the judge. The pin carry they generate is phenomenal.

Osku Palermaa Sickest Shots

Osku Palermaa's Sickest Shots Of His Career For Two Handed Bowling Tips

Osku Palermaa has a very smooth motion, slightly better than Jason Belmonte’s style. Both bowlers have a great style, Osku, in my opinion, just looks a bit like a Stroker, and less whip.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jason Belmonte has a great style as well, and quite successful with his little skip, and whip. Jason style seems just a bit more like a Cranker when compared to Osku.

 A Look at Osku in Slow Motion

Osku Palermaa In Slow Motion For Two Handed Bowling Tips

Sometime things don’t go great for the two handed bowlers. They have some bad days as well. Take a look at some of Osku’s rough moments. Even the pro bowlers are human!

PBA Lowlights Of Osku Palermaa For Two Handed Bowling Tips

I hope you have enjoyed watching all these two handed PBA stars, and learned a few tips you can use to improve your game.

Thanks for taking the time to read it. if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


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    Osku Palermaa was really amazing to watch! I wish I had skills even close to what he has, but I’m a girl!  I do enjoy watching bowling though and my stepdad used to bowl in the league here in town, he was a big guy and really good at it.  Thanks for your great article though, the tips were awesome!

    • Hi Kandi,

      I no professional either, but I do like to bring the interesting stuff I find and publish it for my readers. I tried the two handed bowling, it is tricky! Try using one of the lighter kids balls until you get the hang of it. I couldn’t keep the ball from hooking off the lane before it hit any pins!

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    • HI Sujandar,
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