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  1. A very thoughtful and informative article it is indeed!
    I belong to two bowling leagues one on Monday at 10:00am and the second one on Thursday at 1:00pm. Three games with each league. 11/19, a month ago, after three games, i alone bowled 7 more games to achieve 190 and 193 scores in two games, much higher than my 148 average. I played golf the next day 18 holes and a day before thanksgiving day 9 holes and returned home tired without any particular pain on any part of my body. Over the
    weekend I felt a sort of unusual sore on my lower back and hip joint on the right side so I put on my back braces and went to bowl on Monday 11/26 to feel such a noticeable pain on my right side hip and lower back. As a very healthy and stubborn 80 years old, completed three games, 125,136, and 161 in the third game!
    I thought such pain will go away within a week as many times
    in the past. It did not go away. My primary doctor referred to physical therapy and while through 5 sessions, feeling much better I still find the sore pain right side at the upper hip joint following the therapist’s instruction at home. Question: do I need to ask my primary doctor to refer me to an orthopedic specialist?
    Thank you. AG Yong

    • Hi Yong,
      My Goodness!! You are 80yrs old,and wonderful to see you are that active! I would say you over did it! I like hot baths and soaking in epsom salts when I do that!

      I was told by an orthopedic surgeon, that my hip pain was coming from the sacroiliac joint. That is the bone you feel at your waist in the back. I have had x-rays showing arthritis in the iliac crest( that little dimple in the top upper hip bone close to your back). I have had to get pain injections for the arthritis. I need one every other year or so, they are instant pain relief!

      So, yes I strongly recommend seeing an orthopedic specialist and find out exactly what is going on, then you will be given treatment options!. Good Luck!

  2. 80 yo – haven’t bowled since 1986 – bowled last week – and replaced right knee was fine but groin/thigh/shin areas are not.

    I used a 10 lb house ball and knew to take it easy – walk slower and not bend or slide. I’m a left-handed bowler.

    A few hours later, my left arm was sore (to be expected) but had difficulty walking – right leg. Groin/thigh/shin areas still ache when walking and a bit while sitting.

    I should have known to do warm-up exercises. The last time I bowled was in 1986.

    • Hi Mamy,
      It’s great to hear anyone at that age is able to do things like bowling! it is good exercise, but you may want to get into a walking routine to get those muscles in shape. Especially when you haven’t bowled in over 30 years! Stretching is a must as we get older, I always do an exercise and stretching routine before i bowl. It takes about 30 minutes, but I need to do it, otherwise it takes awhile to get loosened up. You should read about Brad Walker’s stretching program, I can’t say enough about it. I avoided rotator cuff surgery using his program, and it helped to get me into a regular fitness routine. Even if you don’t buy his product, he has a lot of useful articles on stretching. Thanks for leaving a comment, and I wish you all the best in you bowling!

  3. I am suffering from a Bowling “Injury” and trying to get the pain resolved. After Bowling in a Tournament my left Gluteus Maximus near the Groin, I can feel a Tendon that is extremely tight. The pain goes the entire Length of my left leg affecting the Calve and Thigh. It feels ok when walking but after sitting for long periods of time it is difficult to stand and feels like my left knee wants to give out. I have tried Ibuprofen and other pain killers without any help, sports creams and taking vitamins. I am a avid skier and Hiker. I literally feels like there is a tendon that runs the entire length of my left leg to my ankle, being the discomfort and pain travels the entire length. Can anyone assist in resolving this???

    • Hello,
      I am not a doctor, so I am just making a suggestion. It sounds like a possible hamstring injury. You need to talk to a sports injury specialist.
      Thanks for stopping by, I wish I could be of more help.

  4. I have to say, this article is very well-written…despite me not being remotely close to the age of sore hips and joints, I found myself continuing to read it.

    My mother, unfortunately, has a disease called “relapsing polychondritis”, which is an auto-immune disease. Don’t worry, it’s not fatal…it just means her body, unless treated with certain medications, eats away at her own cartilage. This causes bones to rub against each other with no padding, which has resulted in her development of Rheumatoid Arthritis (not sure if spelled right) at age 39.

    I actually bookmarked this page because exercises like this may be useful later on when her disease begins to worsen.

    Thanks for the informative article, and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Goff,
      Thanks for the compliment.It is not fun dealing with problems as we get older and problems caused by disease.Arthritis is a nasty crippling disease that robs people of the normal activities of living.More and more research is helping with medications and better treatments and making it possible for people to do things that were next to impossible a few years ago. I hope your mother finds the exercises beneficial, and they give her pain relief and flexibility. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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