Health Related Issues In Bowling – Try This Now!

Health related issues in bowling are more common than you think. I often wondered what I could offer to help others with health issues in bowling. If I could share my experiences, then I might help others to bowl more comfortably.

I suffer from arthritis, so I have to bowl differently than most people. I can’t bend as far as others or slide on my plant foot, due to knee injuries. The nature of the game tends to aggravate my arthritic hip joints and cause back pain.

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Proper Stretching for Health Related Issues In Bowling

I have found proper stretching is a must before I bowl. Tight muscles need warmed up properly and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to obtain a high quality system to get you loose.

When you have pain and soreness you will do anything for relief, and I have used a few things that work well and doesn’t break the bank.

Stretching along with a back brace will work wonders!

I have a problem with my back, because of a herniated disc in my back. It helps to have a strong lumbar back brace to help protect and support my back. When I wake up the next day, my back thanks me!

My Doctor’s tell me that my back is also causing my hip pain. So, it only makes sense that wearing a brace for my back would help. I have found several different types of back supports. Some are lighter and give minimal support and others that are heavier and provide maximum support. I have tried quite a few.

Ask your doctor what he thinks about it and let him help you make your decision.

Heavy Secure Support For Your Aching Back

For an extremely sore back, when movement is very painful, I have found great relief from  DR-HO’S 2-in-1 Decompression Belt Talk to you doctor, and if he is fine with you using a back brace, this one does wonders for me in a short period of time, just wearing it around the house.

I have pumped Dr Ho’s brace up wearing it over my clothes and it has allowed me to continue with simple chores around the house. These simple chores involved bending, or standing, that I wouldn’t have been able to do without the additional support.

Also, I find that it reduces the back pain so effectively, I get relief in hours sometimes. It provides pain relief as well as helping me heal much quicker. Another plus is that I can wear the belt deflated under stretchable clothes, and bowl at times when I could not have done it without heavy secure support.

If you have not gotten relief from other back supports, I highly recommend you try the Dr Ho belt, you will be glad you did! It is bulky for sure, but it works! They are not cheap, but Medicare can cover the cost if you are eligible. One drawback is if you are extremely overweight, then you may find them too uncomfortable. I wear it and I am 40lbs overweight.

I haven’t used this model, but it does offer a version with a Heating Pad as well. I do know that heat helps a lot with relieving pain for me.
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Lighter Weight Back Braces – When Less Support is Required

One particular back brace that I also like for back protection when I am not in pain, is the one you have seen on TV. Copper Fit Back Pro 

It is lighter weight, and lower cost alternative to help protect you back and prevent injury. These can be worn underneath you clothing when you want to be more discreet about injuries.

When they are worn over clothes, you will likely perspire and cause your garments to get wet with physical activity.

Back Support Maintenance 

Price is not the only consideration. when it comes to Back Supports.

Comfort and  the amount of support are the two important reasons to purchase a support for bowling. Remember, you are going to be wearing it for 2 or 3 hours.

Also, you are going to be doing some rigorous activity. So, being able to wash them is also important. You don’t want something you have to dry clean.

Bulky braces tend to get warm and you will get sweaty. So the more the fabric can breathe the better. But, if the lightweight fabrics don’t give enough support for your particular situation, then you may need a heavier support.

Elbow and Knee Supports For Health Related Issues In Bowling

I also wear a elbow brace to help prevent tendinitis flares in my elbow, and also a knee brace for the occasional knee problems that require wearing a support. These also come in different styles and comfort levels. However, I like side stabilizers when I can get them and adjustment straps are also quite handy for occasional weight gain and loss.

If you have sore muscles, you might also find some relief in the compression style braces for elbows. They do have some with hard cover support for tendonitis, and I also like adjustment in elbow braces also. Also check to be sure you can wash them. They get stinky!

They help heal muscles that may have been strained or overused. I would speak to your doctor and get his opinion first. Then, if he thinks you can try something like this, why not?

I have a knee brace that I carry with me right in my bowling bag. Many nights i have put it on after bowling a few frames. I never know when my knee is going to act up, and it is great to have a brace to put on.

The support on my knees helps to prevent a painful swelling later, and also helps provide some immediate pain relief. If you have knee pain you should definitely consider using braces.

Here is some additional information if you have Arthritis and Hip Pain.

Health Related Issues In Bowling Require The Use of Pain Relievers


Health Related Issues in Bowling- Image Of Pain Killing Drugs

When it comes to health related issues in bowling, I sometimes have to rely on pain relievers. Both in the form of ibuprofen and prescription pain relievers as well.

 I try to use the non-prescription arthritis and pain relievers as much as possible, instead of the stronger prescription drugs.

Stronger Pain Medications

Although the stronger pain relievers do relieve the pain, they also tend to dull my focus on bowling as well. So, I am not a fan of the stronger drugs, although sometimes I have no choice.

I find that I am much slower to make an adjustment that would stop leaving as many ten pins, just because I am not thinking as clearly.

I think I tend to miss many more spares because of my altered judgement, or just plain inability to make the proper shot, because my thinking ability is slightly impaired. It is a personal decision and is sometimes necessary.

Chronic Health Related Issues In Bowling As We Age

People need more help when they get older. Mainly because their bodies are wearing out, and tendons and muscles just aren’t working like they did when the elderly were younger and much more flexible. We stiffen up as we age and our sport activities tend to show the results of it.

So, what can we do about it? Well we can’t grow younger, or turn back the clock, so all we can do is rely on the various braces that are designed to relieve some of the aches and pains we feel.

I for one am constantly looking for anything I can find that is better than what I use now. Sometimes, it is for a lighter, or thinner, or more flexible brace, that could be worn more comfortably.

When I do find something that is worthy of mention, or even a good look, I want to share it with others , to maybe help someone else with the same issues I have. I do mention a wrist brace in an earlier post. After all, the joy comes in helping others in any way we can, so that’s what I want to try to do.

Use of Back and Knee Braces for Elderly Joint Health Issues

Right now I wear a thick lumbar back brace to bowl in. It offers a great deal of support, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to any one. However, it does have its drawbacks. it is bulky, and a bit uncomfortable to wear. It makes you look like you are ten pounds heavier, and it is very hot when you are active.

This is a type of brace I still wear. It is light weight, easily worn under clothing, and provides a good deal of support to the hip joints, as well as the lower back.

And, it is also warm. The heat keeps your back warm and feels good. It also make you feel warmer as well. So, if you are a few pounds overweight, wearing shorts is highly recommended. Shorts will help you feel cooler.

See Your Doctor

Always speak to your doctor first, and get advice before trying anything listed here. This works for me, but it may not work for you.

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