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Bowling Accessories And Gear Recommendations is a helpful guide for newbies. The game of bowling isn’t just about scoring strikes and spares. It’s also about the comfort and confidence you feel when you step onto the lane.

A common pitfall for many enthusiasts is relying solely on the equipment provided at the bowling centers. Using “house balls” and ‘rental shoes” serve a purpose when you are a first time bowler. But, there’s a huge difference between using communal tools and ones tailored specifically for you.

A rented pair of “house shoes” that hundreds of other feet have worn won’t fit you comfortably. Where as your own custom fitted shoes that only you wear, give you the support you need. Or consider using a house ball, selected from a limited rack of varying conditions and sizes. Versus a ball that’s been drilled to fit your hand like a glove. The success of your game hinges on such nuances.

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Owning personal bowling gear isn’t just a matter of preference; it’s a strategic move to elevate your game. With your own ball and shoes, you wield control over the fit, the feel, and ultimately, the finesse of your play. What’s more, it’s an investment in your health and hygiene, especially in today’s world where personal space and cleanliness carry more weight than ever.

So take the leap and enhance your game by investing in personal bowling equipment. It will serve as an extension of your skill, bringing a whole new level of expertise to your bowling experience. As I guide you to the next section, you’ll discover each essential piece of equipment in detail and understand how they fit into the bigger picture of your bowling story.

Bowling Accessories And Gear Recommendations – Essential Equipment for Every Bowler

When I step into a bowling alley, I’m not there to merely throw a ball down a lane. I’m there to compete, even if it’s just against myself. A key component to consistently performing at my best is having the right equipment. The cornerstone of any serious bowler’s arsenal is, without doubt, a personalized bowling ball.

Now, you may wonder why not just use the balls provided by the bowling center? The answer lies in the fit and weight customization that can significantly affect your control and, ultimately, your score.

Personalized balls are drilled to match your grip precisely, offering a comfort that can’t be found in house balls. Not to mention the higher quality materials and weights that cater to your unique style of play.

When it comes to picking a suitable ball, I’ve got a few favorites I’d recommend. If you’re looking for control and precision, you want a symmetric core. The Hammer NU Blue Hammer is a stellar choice and comes at a fair price. It works best on medium to dry lanes.

Are you bowling in heavy oil, then you may want an asymmetric core to deliver a more aggressive hook with more power? The Storm Super Nova might be your alley companion. On occasions, you can snag these at discounted rates, so keep an eye out.

Personal Bowling Shoes & Bowling Bags

Moving down to your feet, owning your pair of bowling shoes can be a game-changer. I’m sure most of us can agree there’s a certain amount of ick factor to slipping your feet into a pair of rentals. Find bowling shoes here

Your shoes mold to the shape of your foot and offer better support during your approach. When you have your own, the hygiene is unparalleled. Over time, the costs of renting add up, making the investment in personal shoes not only a matter of performance but also a smart financial decision. And you get more slide control with better soles on your own bowling shoes.

A bowler’s toolkit isn’t complete without a trusty bowling bag. When selecting one, think about the long term. You want a bag that can comfortably fit your ball, shoes, and has room for those extra accessories you’ll be picking up along the way.

While some may opt for a simple tote, I’ve found a roller model to be a lifesaver, particularly when I’ve decided to expand my ball collection. It’s worth spending a bit more initially on a bag that can grow with your passion for the game.

Polishing Your Game: Must-Have Bowling Accessories for the Avid Player

Investing in a personalized bowling ball and a pair of shoes suited to your feet is just the start. Your game’s consistency and your equipment’s longevity also rely on the accessories you use. That’s where the subtle, yet crucial, gear like towels and skin protection liquids come into play.

I recommend every bowler carry a microfiber towel during their games. The reason is simple. Sweat and oil can make your hands slippery, affecting your throw. And they also build up on the ball’s surface.

A quick wipe with a product like a Microfiber Bowling Towel or Shammy to keep your hands dry and your ball clean and ready for action.

Along with hand sweat, the frequent release of your ball can stress the skin of your fingers. That’s why having skin protection tape is essential. It forms a protective layer over sensitive areas, preventing blisters and calluses which can impede your performance. You can find some of these products on the accessories page at

Now, let’s talk about your ball’s care routine. Regular use of cleaners and polishes will maintain the surface condition of your bowling ball, ensuring consistency in its performance. These products are readily available in the ball cleaners section here, which means you can easily order the best options for your ball type and bowling style.

Bowling Accessories And Gear Recommendations -Enhance Your Bowling Experience

You’ve got your ball, shoes, and bag in order. Now, it’s time to turn your attention to those extra accessories that can really elevate your game. Beyond the basics, there’s a wealth of gear designed to sharpen your performance and increase your comfort on the lanes.

When you head over to, take a moment to explore their Wrist Supports page. It’s packed with goods that cater to both right and left-handed bowlers. Good wrist supports ensure a consistent throw, keeping your wrist at the proper angle.

Don’t overlook the convenience of ordering from The site is known for fuss-free shopping experiences, providing free shipping, added insurance, and prompt delivery. Think of it as the one-stop shop for all your bowling essentials and then some. Plus, for those investing in their passion, the long-term benefits of having high-quality gear are undeniable.

Remember, while you might be tempted to cut corners, quality accessories are a smart move. They don’t just serve as temporary enhancements. They’re investments into your hobby that pay off in durability and overall satisfaction. Whether it’s custom inserts for your bowling ball or a high-performance wristband, prioritize quality and your game will thank you for it.

Wrapping Up Your Bowling Gear Journey

We’ve covered a lot about personal bowling equipment and the many advantages it can offer to your game. From the perfect grip of your very own bowling ball to the familiar feel of your custom shoes hugging your fee. There’s no underestimating how much these essentials can improve your overall experience and performance on the lanes.

Beyond the fundamentals, we touched upon the often-overlooked, yet crucial, extras that keep your gear in top condition. Whether it’s that trusty microfiber towel that wipes away the oil or the skin protection tape that guards against thumb and finger irritation. These accessories are the unsung heroes that keep you bowling at your best.

Making informed decisions on your gear not only enhances your game but also adds a personal touch to how you play. It’s this blend of personalization and practicality that can transform a hobby into a passion. It turns a sport into a form of self-expression. And what better place to find everything you need than at, a haven for all your bowling necessities?

Remember, bowling is more than just throwing the ball down the lane; it’s about precision, comfort, and individual flair. When you invest in your personal bowling gear, you’re not just upping your game—you’re embracing an entire lifestyle. So, lace up those shoes, pack up that bag, and head confidently to your next game with the best equipment that truly reflects who you are as a bowler.

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4 thoughts on “Bowling Accessories And Gear Recommendations – Get Great Tips Now!”

  1. Chas, this is an incredibly comprehensive guide. I had no idea bowling was such a science and an art. I’ve played a few times but never imagined the depth of skill or the polished industry behind all the equipment. Fascinating! You say you’ve learned a lot from your superiors but the tone of your article convinces me that you’d be a brilliant teacher!

    May I ask how long you’ve been playing and how you first came to get into bowling? I live in Japan where there are quite a few Bowling alleys but would I be able to get the right sort of equipment you mention here or would you recommend buying from the internet. I’d love to try it and take it to your level.

    Also, do you think the different sexes bowl in different ways to accommodate their anatomy? 

    Blessings and Success! You’ve created a great resource with you site.

    • Hi Linden,

      Thank you for your kind words! When you decide to take your game to the next level and possibly try the pro level, the sport becomes an expensive endeavor! I would recommend that players reach the level of winning a few local tournaments before they attempt to go too far!

      I have been bowling for 40+ years, and I still haven’t reached that level of skill. But, I did make a serious contender with a 205 average! I first went into the bowling alley on a date at 15 years old, and just bowled on rare occasions. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I started league bowling, and eventually was asked to join a men’s bowling league.

      Once you get to the league level, competition really heats up! The equipment I use is all available online worldwide either on my product pages or you can go directly to

      Yes, men and women bowl differently because their elbow is different than a man’s elbow. The effect it that women will naturally throw a back up ball very easily. That is when the ball hooks in the opposite direction and would hit on the Brooklyn (1-2 pocket) side for a right-hander. That is the normal side for a left hander to hook the ball into. 

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and asking such great questions. Please stop back soon!


  2. Chas,

    Thanks for the overview of bowling accessories and gear. Your insights illuminate the benefits of having personal equipment in enhancing the bowling experience. I’ve always believed that owning your gear, be it in bowling or any sport, significantly contributes to both performance and enjoyment. It offers a sense of familiarity and personal touch that house equipment simply can’t match.

    That said, your article wisely points out an important consideration: the investment in personal bowling equipment seems most justified for those deeply committed to the sport, whether as avid enthusiasts or competitive bowlers. This perspective resonates with me as it underscores the balance between passion for the sport and practicality in investments.

    Do you have any tips for beginners who are on the fence about making the leap from using house equipment to investing in their own gear? How might one gauge the right time to make this transition, ensuring it aligns with their level of involvement and commitment to bowling?



    • Hi Steve,

      I am glad you found my article insightful. Your preference of owning your own equipment is a very wise decision. It is more sanitary and much more comfortable. As for when to make the leap to consider owning your own equipment. Well, if you start bowling regularly, such as joining a league, you will definitely want yo buy your own equipment. Or, if you are enjoying bowling enough that you are spending a lot on rental equipment, it just makes sense to buy your own ball and shoes. If you don’t like bowling so much, or do it very rarely, then just rent the equipment. 

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Steve, please stop back soon!



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