Improving Your Bowling Targeting

Image of Bowler Targeting His Shot For Improving Your Bowling Targeting Article

Improving your bowling targeting is a subject even advanced bowlers need to revisit from time to time. It is critical for good scores to have a system to help determine where your ball is going to hit the pins. The most common way for beginner bowlers to target their shot is to just look at … Read more

The Best Bowling Ball To Use – And Why?

Man On A Bowling Lane Holding A bowling Ball For The Best Bowling Ball To Use Article

The best bowling ball to use depends on many different factors. Are you a beginner or a more accomplished bowler. Chances are if you are more accomplished and participate in league bowling, you are already familiar with different bowling balls. Many people are not up to date on the latest equipment and some need help. … Read more

New USBC Bowling Rules For 2020

Image With Bowling Pins And Text USBC Rule Changes For 2020

The new USBC bowling rules for 2020 have been changed to allow bowling centers to open safely and help reduce the spread the Covid 19 Pandemic. Many centers are dealing with the problems created by the highly infectious virus in different ways. Some Centers are placing a vacant lane between teams, while others are placing … Read more

How to Buy a Bowling Ball Made Easy

Display of Bowling Balls for How to Buy a Bowling Ball

 How to buy a bowling ball is not easy, so I created an easy a buying guide. I have wanted to do this for awhile now and finally got around to it. Maybe you need help with a first ball purchase or you are thinking about replacing one you already bought. Even if you are … Read more

Bowling Tournament Preparation: Some Helpful Tips

USBC Open Logo - Bowling Tournament Preparation

You have made the decision to bowl in a tournament and now you need some good ideas for bowling tournament preparation. When you bowl in leagues at your local alley, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts mentioning tournaments.You hear the great stories people have to tell and you are chomping at the … Read more

Free Advice on Rental Bowling Shoes

Rental bowling shoes are probably the last thing on your mind when you first start bowling. As you looked at those shoes onto the counter, you may have wondered about who wore those shoes before you. I know I did. So, here are some facts you need to know about rental bowling shoes. Do You … Read more