Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases – 2022

Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases for 2022 will be similar to my previous lists.  I will add all the newest balls Roto Grip produces for 2022 as soon as they are announced. I like to give a brief description and some details of what the latest reviews have to say about each ball.

Hopefully, you will be able to get an idea of how the ball is going to perform. I will include a video whenever possible. I know I like to see what kind of shape the ball has and how hard it hooks.

Roto Grip has delivered some of my favorite balls over the years and I expect them to deliver the same great results in 2022.

Good luck and good scores!

The Latest Roto Grip New Releases – 2022

Roto Grip Gem – Released 3/11/22 – FREE SHIPPING

Roto Grip Gem SpecsImage
Perfect scale – TBD
RG -2.47/ Differential – 0.053
Finish – Sanded/2000-grit Sanded
Conditions – Medium-Heavy
Ball Motion – Strong Overall Hook
Coverstock – Solid Reactive
Cover Name – MicroTrax Solid
Core – Asymmetric – Defiant LRG
Flare Potential – High
Mass Bias Diff – 0.016
Performance – Pro Performance[10]
Roto Grip Warranty -1 year
Release Date -3/11/22
Roto Grip Gem Bowling Balls New Releases

Roto Grip’s newest addition to the HP4 range is now available. The Gem is wrapped in the MicroTrax Solid reactive coverstock, Finished with the 2000-grit sanded finish. Don’t be fooled by the name. This beast will easily navigate medium to heavy lane conditions.

The Defiant LRG asymmetric core will provide a strong hook from start to finish.  It will produce continuation with a high flare for almost any bowler.

Here is What Roto Grip Has to Say About the Gem

Sometimes evolution can spark new life into technology from yesteryear. Such is the case with our latest introduction to the HP4 line of balls. With recent more in-depth studies of flare migration and core tendencies we circled the wagons back to the Defiant Series of bowling balls which featured a core ahead of it’s time regarding flare migration in order to create a longer constant motion

2 thoughts on “Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases – 2022”

  1. Im liking the gem for heavy to medium oil as my primary but i was wondering what would be a good dry lane ball and mid range. I like to have 3 balls to cover a range. I love atorm balls and loved my crux so im hoping 2022 will have great balls. Im also thinking of going with roto grip type but need asemetricial too. Can you give me any advice? Thanks.

    • Hi Shane,
      It really is up to you. On dry lanes, the symmetrical balls perform well for me. I don’t really have a dry lane ball. Currently, I bowl on medium-dry lanes, so I just move left, throw right on the dry stuff, with my asymmetrical balls. I currently use the Global Altered Reality, Storm Parallax Effect, and the Roto Grip RST-X2. Both the Reality and Parallax effect are too much for the dry conditions.

      The X2 was really a wicked hockey stick motion out of the box, I hit it with 2000 Abralon, and polished it. That tamed it down to where I can use it on drier conditions. But, you don’t need a high end ball for dry lanes.

      I have the older Retired Hustle Ink, that works great on dry lanes. It’s a symmetrical, and I line up my feet with the center dot, and throw 14 board. works great. It is a solid, but after throwing the pearl reactive balls, I think they would be good also.
      Maybe something like the Hustle Wine would be good for dry lanes. It is similar to the Ink, but is a Pearl Reactive. My X2 is pearl reactive too, but a little surface tamed it right down!
      You could try that out of the box, It should be a lot less hokey stick motion, more like a controlled arc with good backend, similar to the Hustle ink. If you need to, hit it with 2000 and polish it. It is 1500 grit polished out of the box. I would try that first, get about 20 games on it. If it is still to much, go to 2000 with polish.
      At $89 bucks, it a lot of bang for the buck! The Hustle is a good ball. That’s my best idea for you!
      Good Luck and good bowling!


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