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Bowling Hand Release Techniques — 6 Comments

  1. I ran into the 5,6,7 thumb positions a couple of months ago, but it didn’t inform me as to which created a better or lesser hook. This article give me the information I need. Thank you for a very useful and helpful article.

    • HI Lisle,
      Great to hear it helped you out! You are welcome! I hope it makes your bowling more enjoyable!
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  2. Great article! This has really taught me how to release a bowling ball specifically. I never knew the techniques and how easy it could be. Without this article I would probably still be terrible at bowling. I will make sure to use these techniques when bowling with my family again. Thank you!

    • Hi Diego,

      I am glad you found the article helpful. These techniques are more for the league bowler, where you are dealing with the conditions changing during the game. When you bowl with the family, on open bowling conditions, the lanes will be mostly dry and the pattern can be destroyed. Fresh oil is helpful for aiding the ball control to the pocket, or creating a line for bowlers. You can read more here in my article Dry Lane Bowling.

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  3. So, I actually and secretly LOVE bowling but it is a secret because i pretty much suck at it when you think about it in terms of scoring. Its weird because there are times when i actually do pretty good through out an entire game and not so good the next 3, lol. I thought this was a very comprehensive guide to understanding the fundamentals of bowling while gaining much insight on the particulars that can make anyone an expert! I’d love to see how these techniques translates to a video game (of no particular kind) involving simulated bowling. What do you think?

    • I don’t play the video games much, but I could envision the possibilities. They may already have the video game somewhere. It would be a way to control the amount of hook you impart to the ball, just by the position of your hand. 


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