Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 #1 Is My Favorite

Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 brings a fresh wave of excitement to the bowling world, and Roto Grip is leading the charge with a lineup of innovative new bowling balls for 2024. Building on their legacy of high-performance equipment, Roto Grip is poised to deliver options for bowlers of all skill levels, from seasoned veterans seeking peak performance to enthusiastic newcomers eager to refine their game.

This page will be your one-stop shop for staying up-to-date on every new release from Roto Grip throughout the year. We’ll provide detailed descriptions of each ball’s core technology, coverstock properties, and intended purpose, along with insights from trusted reviewers and, whenever possible, informative video demonstrations. Whether you’re a die-hard Roto Grip fan or curious to explore their latest offerings, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and find the perfect weapon for your arsenal.

So, buckle up and get ready to witness the evolution of bowling technology! As Roto Grip unveils their 2024 creations, we’ll be here to dissect their features, translate reviewer insights, and help you discover the perfect match for your game. Prepare to unleash your inner champion, strike with precision, and leave your mark on the lanes with Roto Grip’s cutting-edge bowling balls.

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The Latest Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

Roto Grip Optimum Idol – Released 12/2/23 – FREE SHIPPING

Whether the lanes are throwing you a curveball or a straight shot, the Roto Grip Optimum Idol bowling ball is your all-access pass to conquering them. Imagine combining the smarts of Ikon™ block with A.I. Core Technology and wrapping it up in the tough MicroTrax™ Solid Coverstock – it’s like bringing out your secret bowling weapon. The perfect blend of core and cover means you’ll step up to the lanes with boosted confidence and playability. It’s designed for bowlers of all skill levels, making light work of whatever the lanes throw your way!

Roto Grip Optimum Idol SpecsImage
Perfect scale – TBD
RG- 2.47 Differential – .056
Finish – Matte/ 2000-grit Abralon
Conditions – Medium-Heavy
Ball Motion – Smooth Arc
Coverstock – Solid Reactive
Cover Name – Solid Reactive/ MicroTrax Solid Reactive
Core – Symmetric – Ikon + A.I. Core Technology
Performance – High Performance[8]
Roto Grip Warranty -1 year
Release Date – 3/22/24
Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 - Image Of The Optimum Idol Bowling Ball

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The Latest Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

Roto Grip R-X4 International Release – A Exclusive For 2024 – Released 12/2/23 – FREE SHIPPING

Attention, bowling enthusiasts with a taste for the extraordinary! Get ready to unleash your inner champion with the Roto Grip RST X4, a rare overseas release that’s making waves in the high-performance realm. This isn’t just another ball; it’s a testament to Roto Grip’s legendary RST core technology, a game-changer since the 1950s.

Imagine superior energy transfer, consistent torque, and a core that seamlessly adapts to your professional rev rates on the lanes. The RST X4 isn’t just about brute force; it’s about finesse, precision, and taking your game to the next level. This innovative technology is like having a secret weapon in your hand, ready to carve through the pins with laser-like accuracy.

And the best part? The RST X4 is approved for all sanctioned USBC league and tournament play, meaning you can showcase its prowess on the biggest stages. Just remember, while it’s legal for sanctioned play, the PBA might not be ready for its dominance just yet. So, consider this your chance to own a piece of bowling history, a rare gem that can elevate your game and leave your opponents speechless.

Don’t miss your opportunity to get your hands on the Roto Grip RST X4. It’s not just a bowling ball; it’s an invitation to unleash your inner champion and rewrite the rules of the game.

Here’s what Roto Grip has to say about Optimum Idol:

Tough patterns. Easy patterns. Issues with fresh over reacting backends. Struggles on transition. We say BRING IT ON! Between the original Ikon™ block encapsulated with A.I. Core Technology, and our MicroTrax™ Solid Coverstock wrapped around the outside, this beaut is definitely like using a cheat code on the lanes. And there is no doubt this combo of core and cover will increase the confidence and playability for bowlers of all skill levels on a variety of lane conditions.

Roto Grip RST X-4 [International] SpecsImage
RG- 2.53 Differential – .053
Finish – Polished/ 1500 Grit Polished
Conditions – Medium-Heavy
Ball Motion – Benchmark
Coverstock -Pearl Reactive
Cover Name – MicroTrax Pearl Reactive/ Pearl Reactive
Core – Asymmetric – RST Core
Flare Potential – High (4-5″)
Mass Bias Diff – 0.016
Performance – Pro Performance[10]  
Roto Grip Warranty -1 year
Release Date – 12/2/2023
Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 -RST X-4

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Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

Roto Grip Attention Star – Released 12/16/24 – FREE SHIPPING

The Roto Grip RST X4: A Rare Gem for High-Performance Bowlers

Step onto the lane, and prepare to become the center of attention with the Roto Grip Attention Star. This isn’t just a bowling ball; it’s a declaration of dominance, a statement of power carved in reactive resin and cutting-edge technology. Forget blending into the background; the Attention Star is made for those who crave the spotlight, who thrive on leaving their mark on the pins and the minds of their opponents.

Imagine a pearl that captures and amplifies the lane lights, its eTrax pearl reactive coverstock gleaming with Reacta Gloss like a polished trophy. This isn’t just eye candy; it’s a force of nature, designed to push through the early lane oil with ease, maintaining momentum like a freight train hurtling towards the pins.

But the Attention Star’s true magic lies within. At its heart beats the Momentous AV A.I. asymmetric core, a technological marvel that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create explosive energy dispersion through the pins. This isn’t your average hook; it’s a controlled detonation, a symphony of precision and power that leaves competitors shaking their heads in disbelief.

The Attention Star isn’t just for show; it’s for bowlers who demand exceptional performance and undeniable results. And for those who crave the thrill of leaving opponents speechless, the satisfaction of every pin tumbling neatly into place. It’s for the champions who thrive on the pressure, who step onto the lane and declare, “All eyes are on me. And I’m not disappointing.”

Are you ready to take center stage? The Roto Grip Attention Star awaits. Grab yours today and become the star of your bowling alley.

Here’s what Roto Grip has to say about Attention Star:

Ordinary? Far from it. Revolutionary? Absofrigginlutely right it is. Not only are we presenting you with the most advanced core technology since the invention of sliced bread, but we also decided what the heck, why not just mix in an inner block design never before released domestically. 

Yeah, you read that correctly, prior to this out of this world concoction from our R&D lab, the original Momentous™ Core was exclusive to our international market. But after countless seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks of computer research and testing, we figured out that density changes to this particular block and slug when placed in A.I. 

Core technology provided us with a motion we hadn’t seen before. And after multiple on lane tests, it was a quick and easy decision that we just had to wrap this baby with the time tested and proven eTrax™ PLUS Pearl Reactive coverstock to give us an overall reaction unlike anything offered on earth today.

Roto Grip Attention Star SpecsImage
Perfect scale – 234.1
RG- 2.48 Differential – 0.049
Finish – Polished/ Reacta Gloss
Conditions – Medium
Ball Motion – Length w/Strong Backend
Coverstock -Pearl Reactive
Cover Name – eTrax PLUS Pearl/ Pearl Reactive
Core – Asymmetric – Momentous AV + A.I.
Flare Potential – High
Mass Bias Diff – 0.017
Performance – Pro Performance[10]  
Roto Grip Warranty -1 year
Release Date – 2/16/2024
Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 - Attention Star Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

To keep you ball investment in top condition, you have to keep it clean. Wiping the ball before every pitch with a good clean Microfiber Towel, helps to remove oil and  keep the pores open.

Keeping the ball clean, keeps the reaction consistent. After a three game series, the ball should be cleaned with a good ball cleaner. Click here to find all your favorite ball cleaners and polishes. 

However, if you bowl 3  or more times a week, you may need some extra help. The pro shop will offer to rejuvenate your ball with a through cleaning for about $25. They do this using either heat or a hot water bath to clean the ball. Now you can do this at home.

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