900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases 2024-Pick Your Favorite Today!

900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 are unleashing a wave of new equipment to the lanes. 900 Global is pulling out all the stops in 2024! This ain’t your usual alley brawl; we’re talking laser-sharp precision, pin-crushing power, and enough innovation to make Einstein do a double take.

Remember those monstrous hooks that made 900 Global a legend? They’re back, meaner than ever, and ready to paint the lanes with strike glory. But this time, they’ve brought some friends: smooth-sailing pearls for drier conditions, sneaky urethane assassins for tricky patterns, and maybe even a wildcard or two (we know those mad scientists at 900 Global love a surprise).

No matter your style, bowling kryptonite awaits. Whether you’re a curve-slinging champion or a rookie chasing your first turkey, 900 Global’s got a weapon waiting to be your perfect match. So, ditch the dust bunnies from your bowling bag, polish your shoes, and get ready to unleash your inner beast on the lanes. The 900 Global 2024 lineup is here, and it’s time to get bowling!

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The Latest 900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

900 Global Harsh Reality  – Released 2/16/2024 – FREE SHIPPING

Harsh Reality: 900 Global Gets Serious (But Not Too Serious)

Forget sugar-coating it, bowlers. The Harsh Reality from 900 Global is all business on heavy oil lanes. This isn’t your friendly neighborhood curve ball; it’s a precision weapon, designed to carve through thick oil and leave pins begging for mercy.

No more wishy-washy hooks here. The Disturbance Asymmetric A.I. core packs a serious punch, generating some of the strongest hook action you’ll see from 900 Global. It’s like having a heavyweight champion in your hand, effortlessly dominating the toughest lane conditions.

And the Reserve Batch 902 Blend solid coverstock? Don’t let the fancy name fool you – it’s a no-nonsense workhorse. Polished to a 2000 Grit Abralon finish, it cuts through oil like a hot knife through butter, ensuring relentless performance from the first throw to the last.

But fear not, curve-slingers. While the Harsh Reality packs a punch, it’s not some uncontrollable beast. The Disturbance core provides surprising control for such a powerful ball, ensuring your strikes are more calculated than accidental. Think of it as a heavyweight with surprisingly good footwork – powerful, yes, but with finesse to spare.

So, if you’re tired of battling heavy oil with subpar equipment, if you crave precision strikes and relentless performance, then the Harsh Reality might just be your knight in shining armor (bowling shoes not included). Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility – use this beast wisely, and your opponents will be left facing their own harsh reality: defeat.

Here’s what 900 Global has to say about Harsh Reality:

The original Reality just got a major upgrade! Presenting the Harsh Reality featuring A.I. Core Technology! The Disturbance A.I. Asymmetric Core will provide a familiar look on the lanes yet with more overall performance than that of the original Reality.

Paired with the Reserve Blend 902 Solid Cover which was specifically crafted for the heaviest of conditions, the Harsh Reality will be the strongest ball that 900 Global has ever produced!

900 Global Harsh Reality Specs Image
Perfect scale 235.5
RG 2.48/ Differential 0.054
Finish – Matte /2000 Grit Abralon
Conditions – Heavy
Ball Motion – Strong Overall Hook
Coverstock – Solid Reactive
Coverstock Name – Reserve Batch 902 Blend
Core –  Asymmetric – Disturbance Asymmetric A.I. Core
Performance – Pro Performance[10]
Flare Potential – High
Mass Bias Diff – 0.014
Warranty – 1 Year
Release Date – 2/16/2024
900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 - Harsh Reality
Current Price

900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

900 Global Xponent Pearl – Released 2/16/2024 – FREE SHIPPING

Xponent Pearl: The Lane Whisperer Unleashes Pin Mayhem

Forget brute force, bowlers. The Xponent Pearl is all about finesse and fury, like a ballerina with a rocket strapped to her shoe. This beauty’s got the moves to dance through medium to dry lanes, leaving a trail of fallen pins in her wake.

Picture this: the Shrapnel 2.0 core, a legend in its own right, revs up faster than a cheetah on espresso. It whispers to the lane, creating a smooth, predictable arc that’ll make your opponents wonder what voodoo you’re working.

But beneath the pearl’s gentle sheen lies a hidden beast. The Reserve Blend 702 coverstock, polished to a Reacta Gloss shine, grabs just enough oil to rev early, but also give you length in the back end. The pins won’t stand a chance.

So, if you’re tired of balls that bully the lane, if you crave precision and predictable power, then the Xponent Pearl is your soulmate. Grab one, step onto the lane, and become the lane whisperer you were always meant to be. Just remember, with great finesse comes great responsibility – those pins won’t know what hit ’em!

Here’s what 900 Global has to say about Xponent:

The XPonent Pearl will expand upon the performance in the 700 Series by offering a great medium-light oil option. The Shrapnel 2.0 Symmetric Core will give the bowler an early revving and controllable shape. Combined with the hand crafted Reserve Blend 702 Pearl Cover which was designed to give you extra length on those drier conditions.

900 Global Xponent Pearl Specs Image
Perfect scale 202.9
RG 2.48/ Differential 0.042
Finish – Polished / Reacta Gloss
Conditions – Medium-Dry
Ball Motion – Breakpoint Shape
Coverstock – Pearl Reactive
Coverstock Name – Reserve Blend 702 Pearl
Core –  Symmetric – Shrapnel 2.0 Core
Performance – Advanced Performance[6]
Flare Potential – Medium
Warranty – 1 Year
Release Date – 2/16/2024
900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases 2024 - Xponent Pearl bowling ball.
Current Price

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900 Global Bowling Balls New Releases 2024

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However, if you bowl 3  or more times a week, you may need some extra help. The pro shop will offer to rejuvenate your ball with a through cleaning for about $25. They do this using either heat or a hot water bath to clean the ball. Now you can do this at home.

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