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Bowling with Middle Finger Pain — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing bowling with middle finger pain. I can relate to your pain. I haven’t been bowling in about a year, because my middle finger gets swollen due to arthritis. It sometimes gets to the point I can’t make a fist.>>Thank you for adding the video by Gary Crowley. I was able to follow along easily and I felt a difference right away. When Gary said the pain may not start at the fingers but could be in the palm of your hand, I really felt a release of pressure performing the press pull exercises.>>At first, I thought, this is like putting a band-aid on a deep cut that needs stitches. But then I started typing you this comment and my fingers were speeding along like Data for Star Trek. Ok, maybe not quite that fast.>>I’m going to stick with trying the finger treatment for a while, to see if it release the pain in fingers while bowling.>>Before I stopped bowling I bowled an average game of 189. y last 3 games I didn’t even break 100 per game, I was averaging about 70. It’s ok to laugh. God bless you. thanks again.

    • Hi LeNard,

      I am glad when people tell me that an article helped them. Thank you, it is very rewarding and makes this all worthwhile! I found gary’s site and i noticed it helped my finger, so I had to pass it on! 

      I am not laughing, because my average dropped from 205, to 183…and  am just now getting around 187. So it has been a long road for me as well. Pain in the fingers is not good for bowlers! 

      Good luck with your bowling, and thanks for leaving a comment!


  2. This is really educating post. When bowling, I have always noticed it is the middle finger that works more out of the five. But I think the finger got worse because you didn’t really notice it. I think I have to agree with you the ball  driller should check the fitment of the ball anytime there is discomfort

    • Hi Kehinde,

      I am glad my article is useful for you! Yes, try changing your inserts first, especially if you are using the square power lift inserts, check out the power lift oval inserts, they are really comfortable. Talk to the driller and let him check your span BEFORE you change the inserts!! If you need the ball plugged and drilled, you will be wasting new inserts!! Glad I could help. Good luck with your issues!

       Thanks for leaving a comment!


  3. Dear Chas,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful and informative post. Being a bowler this post means a lot to me and I got helpful insights from your post. And sharing from your own experience adds more value to this post.

    When I get pain in my middle finger I normally stop bowling for few weeks and I will try different home remedies. As a result of taking a break I will lose my rhythm and struggle to get it back. Again after few weeks I will get the pain and I will stop bowling for few weeks, its an ongoing problem. 

    How I wish I had found your article sooner when I first started my bowling career! I had to go through the old way of trial and errors. The video you embedded is super helpful.

    You not only addressed the problem and the best thing is you have provided with the solution as well. I am going to try few things which I learned from your post.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul,

      Bowlers need those fingers! I am glad I could help you out! I have stopped bowling and searched desperately for elbow tendonitis braces because my bowling elbow pain got so bad! Elbow tendonitis taks a long time to heal!

      However, I must say that arthritis is a major problem as well when we have the issue in our fingers! That is the main reason for writing the Bowling With Middle Finger Pain article in the first place. And, I found the DIY joint pain relief website as well. I am glad you found it helpful for your finger issues as well!

      If you have ongoing issues, you need to have your ball driller check you fit and see just what is happening that is causing your pain! You will be glad you did! 

      Thanks for leaving a comment Paul and good luck with your issues as well!


  4. I don’t think I ever realized how technical bowling can be. 

    I am so glad you figured it out and are sharing it with the world. I think so many people will be benefiting from this article! I have never been very good at bowling, but I have also never been taught how to! I can tell just by reading your article, that my technique is not very good or sustainable. I always bowled and my ball would land half way down the lane. It was fun and I was okay, but if I ever pursued bowling again I would have to revamp my technique!

    Glad you are bowling pain free now!

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Hi Clara,

      I am sure you have seen the pro’s on tv bowling, and they are bowling for a lot of money! Those balls they use are what the serious aspiring bowlers use in the classic leagues at the bowling alley. The invest a lot of time in leagues as well as local tournaments, and they practice, practice, and practice some more, that is how you get good at bowling. It is all in how much time you put into it.

      I can only guess at what you may be doing wrong, because I don’t know if you have your own equipment or not. If it is the house ball at the bowling alley, the fitment is probably not good at all. You are holding onto the ball too long!

      The best way to learn, is to sign up for some leagues, and have someone give you some beginners pointers. I do have several articles that may help.In my beginners area, Hook Bowling and Getting Started might help if you want to try hooking the ball. I also have Free Advice on Rental Bowling Shoes,

      The best article for solving your problem of throwing the ball halfway down the lane is The Release in Hook Ball Bowling.

      Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment!  I hope I have been some help?

      Good luck with your bowling!


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