The PBA Oil Patterns of Legends – How Tough Are They?

PBA Oil Patterns Of Legends- Image of bowling lanes

The PBA Oil Patterns Of Legends: When it comes to professional bowling, the oil patterns used in competitions play a crucial role in determining the level of difficulty and the strategies employed by bowlers. One fascinating aspect of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) is the recognition of bowling legends through the naming of specific oil … Read more

Kegel Element Oil Patterns 2023 – The Good And The Bad

Kegel Element Bowling Patterns

Kegel element oil patterns are specifically designed for use with Kegel’s Element conditioners and a Flex lane conditioning machine. The FLEX machine has the ability to change buffer speeds as well as reverse buff the lanes. It’s twin tank design also allows for combining two different conditioners for creating different bowling conditions. With the help … Read more

Oil Patterns In Ten Pin Bowling – What You Need To Know

Oil Patterns In ten pin Bowling

This page provides an overview of some of the various oil patterns in ten pin bowling. I will be focusing on the PBA Animal Patterns mostly. The most commonly used patterns include the House shot pattern, Sport shot pattern, and Tournament patterns. These patterns are designed to challenge bowlers in different ways. The House pattern … Read more

Why Use A Urethane Bowling Ball – People Hate Them

Why Use A Urethane Bowling Ball - Image of the 900 Global Zen/U Bowling Ball

Why use a Urethane Bowling Ball? Urethane is known to give bowlers more control than plastic, and they have a more  consistent motion than the resin balls. They are ideal on medium to dry lanes compared to resin balls. Resin balls tend to hook too much on a dry lane and become a beast to … Read more

What Is The Bowling Rule Of 31 – Find Out Now

Bowling Rule of 31 -Bowling lane with text

What is the rule of 31 and how can you use it to help your bowling? If you are here now you are looking for information on the rule of 31 in bowling. I think this is some good information to know especially if you are bowling in a tournament in a house you never … Read more

The Best Bowling Ball On Dry Lanes – Find Out Now!

Hammer Black Widow Viz A Ball bowling Ball

The best bowling ball on dry lanes depends on how dry the lanes are. I use ball inserts for using my fingertips, and that creates more turn on the ball resulting in more hook. On league oil, my Columbia 300 polyester ball doesn’t hook much at all because it slides on the oil. I use … Read more