Storm Rocket Bowling Ball – The “Rumble On Steroids”

The Storm Rocket seems to be the best hooking bowling ball these days.  I like Roto Grip, but this Storm Rocket  has people loving the smooth roll that this ball has.

This is the latest edition to the thunder series, the R2S hybrid coverstock combined with a brand-new booster core (which is an improved version of the old Blue Hammer core).

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Well, it sounds impressive anyway, and if it delivers a smooth roll and creates the best hook, then it should be! This is the same coverstock that the popular Hyroad uses, and that was and still is a popular ball.

I was told the Storm Rocket was a “Rumble on steroids”. So, I would expect it to clear the mid lane smoothly, then turn a bit sharp to the pocket.

Storm Rocket Bowling Ball – The Core

Storm Rocket cut-away

The Roto Grip Rumble Bowling Ball

 I really liked my 1st Rumble! It quickly became my favorite go-to-ball. When I first got it, the ball made me a bit nervous. The back-end -break was a lot more than I wanted.

But after a dozen or so games it settled in to a nice predictable break that I felt as comfortable with as that old worn shoe!

Well, let me tell you I had some wonderful days with that ball, and it made many an enjoyable afternoon. When the game actually feels easy, and effortless, you know your having a great day!

I liked that ball so much I got another one about a year later, for fear they would retire the ball and it would become impossible to get another one(which they did, it’s no longer available).

Does A Longer Pin Really Matter?

Funny thing happened though, no matter what I did, the second Rumble, was not the same as the first one I bought. Why? I don’t really have an answer. I have a few theories, one being the size of the pin.

The first Rumble I got had about a 4-1/2 inch pin on it, where the second one only had about a 3-1/2inch pin. Was that it? Like I said hard to say, exactly. I like the  longer pins, so I will use that idea, for now and later on I will get into a discussion on pin length in more depth.

I was told by a friend, years ago, who actually was out on the pro tour briefly, the longer pins are by far a better hitting ball. Any long pins usually go to the pros first. I guess because they request longer pin size more, I don’t really know.

He died less than a year later, so I can’t ask him. I can tell you the local pro shop is still looking for a 5″ pin for me, in the rocket. I’m in no real hurry, fall leagues are a couple of months away. And I want to see how it works on league oil anyway. If it is close to my rumble, should be a great ball!


I had the Storm Rocket on order for a longer pin, and could not get one after weeks of trying, I found out that the longer pin is getting harder to get. It appears that higher quality control standards of manufacturing bowling balls has resulted in less longer pins being used.

So I decided to cancel the order. A Motive Forza was already in the local pro shop and happened to have about a 4″ pin, and I decided on just getting it instead. I like how it delivers a smooth controlled line to the pocket.

Don’t get me wrong, plenty of people still like the Rocket, and plenty of people still like the Forza. If I have to make a choice, I slightly favor the Forza for appearing to pick up less oil so far.

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  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing valuable information. It would be helpful for every reader, keep posting, I appreciate your efforts.

    • Hi Heather,
      Thank you. That article is quite old and that ball is retired and no longer available. A buddy of mine had one in my league, so I got a first hand look at it every week! Makes writing a review easy. That was a very early article in my writing career, I have since tried to cover more bowling balls with shorter reviews. Mainly because so many balls are constantly coming out and after a year being retired!
      Thanks for leaving a comment, Please stop back soon!

  2. Hello Chas!

    Great article! Hope you will find again a 5” Rumble!
    Keep it up with this website! I wish you a lot of success.

    Have an awesome and productive week ahead,

    • Hi Cristina,
      Thank you. I would love to be able to do that, but unfortunately they have retired that ball, which simply means is discontinued. So,for now I am comfortable with using what I have and looking forward to using my new hammer rocket when it arrives. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope your have a great week also.


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