10 Hook Bowling Techniques – Get Started Now

Hook bowling techniques and getting started is an overview of the basics. One good start is a basic understanding of the game of bowling. Millions of people enjoy the sport every year.

The best way to learn for the first time is to join others who already know how to bowl. But, if you want to try on your own, you can read all about the basics here.

Before you walk into a bowling alley for the first time, I suggest you read my article first “Free Advice on Rental Bowling Shoes” and learn about using the house bowling equipment.

You will at least get a feel for renting vs buying your own equipment and learning the hook bowling basics.You can’t bowl in your street shoes because you must be able to slide a bit. The bowling alley will provide rental shoes for your bowling.

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House Balls Are No Good for Hook Bowling

The balls on the rack (House Balls) are mostly a standard drill that fits everybody. They are not drilled to spin the ball, or put that nice hook on the ball you see advanced bowlers using.

Advanced bowlers have spent time learning the skills necessary to do that.
And the house balls are made of a cheaper plastic composition, and do not hook easily.

Ok, you have decided to learn to try hooking the ball because you have seen others who have mastered the hook and noticed they score much better. I know when I watch the hook bowlers string strike after strike, it is impressive indeed.

Different Approach Methods

First, I will start with a few requirements, necessary to begin with the process of throwing a hook. It would be to your advantage to look at a few bowling basics videos on YouTube and get to know a little about the 4 step approach.

So, I have included a video that explains what I am saying. You have to walk in a straight line to get your leg out of the way for the swing of the ball.

The 4 step method is probably the best method to use overall when you first start the game. Then if you want more speed to create more power later, you can go to the 5 step approach, just by adding one step.

The beauty is you add the step and continue with your 4 step approach the same way.

Here is a demonstration of the 4 and 5 step approach:

Hand Measurements

Persons feet shown standing on bowling alley, wearing rental shoes.

Now you need some good advice on what ball to choose, and shoes, bag and equipment.

A good place to start is at you local pro shop at the local bowling alley. They will measure your fingers and hand span and set you up with the first item you will need.

That is a ball drilled to fit your hand and set up to hook. Once you have this done, your journey into learning hook bowling has begun.

Most bowling alleys also normally have people who are willing to coach and work with people to get the basics of their game corrected and started on the right foot.

For advanced players there may also be expert coaching also to improve their game and help with techniques for better mechanics.

Hook Bowling Techniques Requires A Fingertip Ball

Hook Bowling Techniques - Image illustrating a  Fingertip Drilled Ball

A ball drilled with fingertip hand position on the ball, allows you to get your fingers out quicker, and thus impart more turn or rotation on the ball.

That is where you create your hook on the ball to begin with. it starts with your fingers.

It is very difficult to get you fingers out of a standard drilled ball when you are attempting to throw a hook.

The ball driller can also watch you bowl to determine just how you throw the ball. That tells him how to position the drilling on the ball to achieve a slight, medium or strong hook.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

If you naturally put a lot of “revs” or turn on the ball,  Then you may need a less aggressive drilling. Bowlers that throw a hard fast ball, may need a more aggressive drilling.

If you throw with slow ball speed, and maybe have a ball that has forward roll and no revs, you would do better with a medium or light hook drilling on the ball.

Hook bowling is a challenge to learn properly, but once mastered, makes the game much more enjoyable as well as increasing your scores.

Here is a video that explains how to hook your bowling ball:

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is the key to becoming a better bowler. The best prices for bowling a game are much more reasonable if you join a league. Plus, you may get some prize money returned to you at the end of the league year.

Some bowling alley will the offer you  a reduced rate for bowling on off hours if you belong to a league. So, you may get quite a discount to practice your game and improve at the same time. 

As you practice it is also a good time to ask fellow bowlers to look over your bowling and give you some pointers.

Also, be sure to ask the more accomplished bowlers who are knowledgeable about the correct techniques. And, talk to a qualified coach.

Hook Bowling Techniques – Using The Arrows

The easiest way for beginners to figure out where to roll the ball is to show them the arrows. They are located on every 5th board across the entire lane and in a triangle shape.

Using these to target your shot is a big step in increasing your accuracy on the lanes. Most people will try to hit the ten board or second arrow. From there, they can then change where they stand on the alley to deliver the ball.

Here is a video explaining the dots and arrows:

 Use a Wrist Brace and Improve Your Hook Bowling

Different types of wrist supports have different methods of support. Some have a lot of adjustments you can use to create more hook, and higher scores.

The Wrist Brace keeps the hand and wrist held in the same position.  This allows you to place a consistent amount of turn to the ball. And, you also limit the mistakes you make with improper wrist position.

They are available in many styles and sizes and offer different methods and types of support and adjustment. The finger support styles offer the most hook and help with hook control by keeping hand position the same for each shot.

Check out some great Wrist Support-MEGADEALS with free shipping!

Ball Cleaners and High Performance Products

There are a lot of products available today that can increase or decrease you hook. Any delay or skid, delays the balls ability to turn into the pocket.

When the ball skids on the oil, the ball will store energy for a harder hit and more turn on the backend. The backend is actually a dry portion of the alley that helps the ball to hook toward the pocket.

I will review some of the products that I have used with some excellent results, and maybe help to save you some of the expense of trying anything and finding out it is not what it claims to be.

Check out my tips and tricks page for my own homemade cleaner!

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  1. May have to save this article. I was on a bowling league for awhile and never really got the hook down (I didn’t practice as much as I probably should have and not sure the ball I bought was the right fit at the time). Was always frustrated with myself and fascinated by the other bowlers who could really put a spin on it! I also like how you pointed out that there is basically no point in using the house balls if you want to spin. 

    • Hi Ben,

      I feel this article will come in handy if you decide to perfect that hook! you can watch that video a few times, it really breaks down the process and secret to getting a ball to hook. I wish I had that when I was starting out! But, if i had the opportunity to start again when i was younger, I would become a two-handed bowler for sure! They have a definite advantage for getting plenty of hook on the ball.

      Yea, house balls are basically just a durable plastic ball that will last a long ,long time. The newer bowling balls are great at hooking, but they do need cleaned constantly to keep them hooking!

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  2. Hey Chas, really cool rundown on hook bowling for beginners! You’ve laid out the essentials in a way that’s easy to grasp and fun. Love the practical tips on equipment and techniques. Your straightforward style makes the whole thing feel like a chat with a buddy at the bowling alley. Those video links are a sweet touch too. Great job making bowling less daunting and more inviting for the newbies out there! Keep it rolling!

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed my article. If it helps you to get better scores in your bowling game, then I have accomplished my goal. It good to hear that it is written in a style that relates to a beginner bowler. The videos are quite informative, so I decided to include them as well. 

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