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Ways to Get More Hook in Your Game — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, these are good tips. I am always bowling and it is just a fun hobby but I like to play around with controlling the ball in the lane. I do this with pool to. I think the projection layout envisionment is what gets me. I like seeing what I want to happen in my head then it coming out in reality. it makes me feel like a fortune teller. like using the force.

    One of the cool things pros do is put a hook on their throw. I love to watch the ball change direction randomly. some crazy physics going on there.

    I am really into martial arts and find many similarities between forms

    Overall thanks for the tips. do you know any exercises to do that will increase the muscle memory need to use your tips effectively?

    • Hi Darren,
      I am glad you liked the tips, and hope you try some when you are practicing.Bowling is much the same as pool in trying to envision your shot. Just as you use the marks on the cushion for your bank shots, Bowlers use the dots, arrows and finder bords th project how their ball is going to get to the pocket.
      Wheh you watch the pros and the hook the put on the ball, it is a very predictable angle that the ball is going to take to the pocket, and a defined break point on the alley where this is going to start to happen. The only variable that is truly unknown is the oil pattern.But we have many things we can do wrong in delivering the ball to the pins also, such as bad arm swing, bad release, throw too hard or too slow.
      Any physical exercise, especially martial arts helps to keep us in top shape, but the best exercise for muscle memory, is practice, practice, practice. Thanks for taking the time to comment,fell fre to ask any more questions if you like.

  2. Hello Chas,

    I never played bowling but I will like to try it someday. Who knows maybe I will enjoy it. I am looking to read your website and hope I can learn a few tricks from you and you will make me wanna go and try them out into a bowling place.

    All the best,

    • Hi Cristina,
      If you have never tried it, I would recommend you speak with the pro shop in your local bowling alley. They can help you with ball selection, shoes, ect that you will need to start bowling.They may also recommend a mentor for you, to instruct you one on one, on the basics of the game, your footwork, where to stand on the alley, how many steps in your delivery and work with you with house equipment before you spend money on a bowling ball of your own.Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, I hope that helps.

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