5 Ways to Get More Hook In Bowling – Start Right Now!

Ways to get more hook in your game is on the mind of every hook bowler. I have some interesting tips, as well as products I have used for ways to achieve higher scores, in real life bowling, on house shots, and in a few tournaments. In this article I am sharing a few of my methods to get more hook into you game.

This is the result of years of practice, and trial and error in the pursuit of ways to get more hook in your game.

In the unreal world of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), they can have a couple balls drilled to match the conditions. You and I don’t have that option. We must find away to make what we have work. Sometimes that can be quite a challenge.

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Ways To Get More Hook In Your Bowling Starts With The Release

One thing that must remain constant is the release.

Picture of A Modern Bowling Alley For Ways to Get More Hook In Your Game

If we change the release of the ball, then the game is changed without any other factors involved. Hand position is crucial. A small change in hand position, changes the release.

Ball Cleaners

Over the years, the interpretation of the rules has changed a lot,  and now allow approved products to be used during the game. Not so long ago, no cleaners were allowed to be used on the ball once you had started bowling in sanctioned play.

Products on the Market

Currently, this is allowed, provided it is an approved product. And believe me there are tons of products out there that help improve the balls ability to hook, or even delay the hook, so maybe I can help you sort through all of them, and try to find the ones that really do work.*

You can also simply buy a finishing product today to put any type finish on the ball you want right in the bowling alley during your practice sessions. Changing the finish on your ball is not allowed during league or tournament play.

This is more or less a temporary fix as it will have to be continually applied to keep the same surface on the ball.

Also, not all products are the same, so it is a trial and error method to find the one that works for you. This is a source good selection for bowling products and free shipping!

*Update: Bowling rules have changed again. Presently, only  alcohol is permitted for disinfection of the ball between shots, due to Covid 19. All other cleaners are prohibited during league and tournament play.

Finger And Hand Adjustments Are Ways to Get More Hook In Your Game

Also, in the next few weeks I will be discussing various ways to get more hook into your game.

I learned ways to adjust the ball hook on the alley. It can be changed by using various hand, wrist, finger and visual adjustments as you bowl. I hope you stick around and learn what I have learned and use it to help your game.

One pointer that us very useful is adjustments you can make for the ten pin. If you continue to leave a ten pin shot after shot, a simple move may help to correct this problem.

Move up a few inches with your feet, from the spot you are starting from. This will allow the ball to go just a inch or so farther down the lane before breaking.

If you move back, you will get the ball to hook just a wee bit sooner. That may be all you need to start getting strikes, instead of leaving the ten pin.

I talk about this and have a video displaying what happens in my post. The Dreaded Ten Pin in Bowling.

Changing The Surface On Your Bowling Balls Are Ways To Get More Hook.

One of the most effective ways to get more hook into your game is to change the surface of the ball. Depending on what kind of ball you use, and how experienced you are in bowling, there are several ways you can accomplish that.

For years, bowlers have taken a simple scuff pad, and ruffed up the surface to increase the ball hook. Or they added wax to polish the ball and make it shiny to reduce or delay the hook.

The best way to do this is to use a ball spinner to put a uniform finish on the ball. A spinner can also be used to clean the ball better as well as maintain and restore the surface. A ball surfaced with factory specifications restores the balls original surface.

This is a longer lasting change to the ball surface than applying the commercial products by hand. It’s an easier way to apply shine or dull the surface of the ball.

Deep Cleaning your ball also helps restore the cover stock to the original condition, that created more adhesion on the lane to generate hook as well. if you are sanding or scuffing the ball, that is a great time to deep clean the ball. Sanding opens up the pores allowing for a hot water bath to release the oil trapped in the ball.

The Nuball Bowling Ball Rejuvenators Are Ways To Get More Hook

The Nuball Bowling Ball Rejuvenators remove excess lane oil from the surface of your bowling ball. This allows the ball to grip the bowling lane better by increasing the traction of the bowling ball.

So, if you are looking for an edge in getting more hook, it is the best option out there. It could save you from buying a ball every year. Not all of us can afford to do that. I know I do not have the resources and can’t possibly keep doing that. You can extend the life of your ball by keeping it clean and free from excess oil..

I would recommend a ball Spinner to anyone who is serious about their game. The bowler who wants to get a hands on approach to their game! Then, a ball spinner is the way to go. Try one for yourself and see. 

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get More Hook In Bowling – Start Right Now!”

  1. Wow, these are good tips. I am always bowling and it is just a fun hobby but I like to play around with controlling the ball in the lane. I do this with pool to. I think the projection layout envisionment is what gets me. I like seeing what I want to happen in my head then it coming out in reality. it makes me feel like a fortune teller. like using the force.

    One of the cool things pros do is put a hook on their throw. I love to watch the ball change direction randomly. some crazy physics going on there.

    I am really into martial arts and find many similarities between forms

    Overall thanks for the tips. do you know any exercises to do that will increase the muscle memory need to use your tips effectively?

    • Hi Darren,
      I am glad you liked the tips, and hope you try some when you are practicing.Bowling is much the same as pool in trying to envision your shot. Just as you use the marks on the cushion for your bank shots, Bowlers use the dots, arrows and finder bords th project how their ball is going to get to the pocket.
      Wheh you watch the pros and the hook the put on the ball, it is a very predictable angle that the ball is going to take to the pocket, and a defined break point on the alley where this is going to start to happen. The only variable that is truly unknown is the oil pattern.But we have many things we can do wrong in delivering the ball to the pins also, such as bad arm swing, bad release, throw too hard or too slow.
      Any physical exercise, especially martial arts helps to keep us in top shape, but the best exercise for muscle memory, is practice, practice, practice. Thanks for taking the time to comment,fell fre to ask any more questions if you like.

  2. Hello Chas,

    I never played bowling but I will like to try it someday. Who knows maybe I will enjoy it. I am looking to read your website and hope I can learn a few tricks from you and you will make me wanna go and try them out into a bowling place.

    All the best,

    • Hi Cristina,
      If you have never tried it, I would recommend you speak with the pro shop in your local bowling alley. They can help you with ball selection, shoes, ect that you will need to start bowling.They may also recommend a mentor for you, to instruct you one on one, on the basics of the game, your footwork, where to stand on the alley, how many steps in your delivery and work with you with house equipment before you spend money on a bowling ball of your own.Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, I hope that helps.


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